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Ladies learn when to turn the crazy switch on and off lmao

Ladies learn when to turn the crazy switch on and off wait till u got his dickprint in your throat his balls got a resting place on your vajay jay and your puss curves to his man man WTF are u thinking acting crazy as soon as you introduce yourself?Hey my name is Shawonda nigga look at that hoe again I'll cut ya lmao fellas run run run!!how the he'll are u crazy on yo day off WTF at least put on an act a few months before crazy takes over let the man test drive the pussy before you get nuttier than a snickers lmao yall act crazy before u give it up unless your the baddest that ass is gonna be forever single.
1.who in their right mind wants to
Smell a grown mans dick
2.Who in their right mind wants to go thru a phone they aren't paying for
3.who stalks twitter when u don't have one
4.Who makes fake profiles of a bad bitches pic flirts to see a mans reaction
5.And best one yet who Sits around the corner from a mans house waiting to see who rings his doorbell lmao
You my friend got issues u need the father the son and the holy spirit
Get a clue no man wants to be with a deranged person

I wish a mafukka would lol

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Iamfantabulous said…
If a woman has to do all that just be sure her man is on his act right then she should just leave him alone! ... Hell, that's like having a 2nd job! Who's got time for all that??
EntrePROnegro said…
I agree ive always been known to say you need some hobbies LOL and its not even that im that kinda dude its that they are insecure in themselves that only pushes a real man away though.

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