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my iphone 4 theme five stone HD

Bio-Downgradeable LOL

its really no joking matter cause if your gonna cheat why be in a relationship 1..
but why is it that its always a downgradeable chick he bragged for months about how all his ex's looked like Janet Jackson in the pleasure principle video so you look the bitch up on Facebook and she looks like freddie jackson in the you are my lady video...LOL
Ill tell you the reason why from a Man's perspective in most circumstances men are way more insecure than women they dont like when you wear certain things out post certain pics pout your lips a certain way who knows LOL
so when your not with your man his brain is a spinning its like dam shes so fine I know niggaz trying to holla smh so they start with the text then the calls then the random I wanna take you to lunch shit hahahaha right right
then it graduates to you having to lock your phone then maybe hell even steal your phone then its to the point where your iphone android or blackberry are with you in your pillow case
then its the im the…

Broken Homes......

I can attest from watching my mother that trying your hardest to hold onto what you see as your family does not always work I mean my pops when he lived with us in my younger years every chance he got he stepped out on my mom..
and this to me is not healthy because I noticed if one of us looked more like my dad as we grew older she would always love us but its like she had animosity towards us for what he did!
everyone has that fear that voice in the back of their head saying they dont wanna be alone whos gonna want a single parent with a kid what if this what if that and at that point you cant wonder what if your a parent you have to make the best move for you and yours ask yourself this if your with a person just cause whos not with you 900 percent arent you more alone than you would be single?
Be honest with yourself who cares what anyone else thinks a wise person once said the truth shall set you free.
Im not a parent but I can honestly say Id rather be alone and make sure my kids liv…

Any Man can admire the frame but a real man will Try to understand the Portrait

I read this on my twitter timeline & instantly retweeted it!

This is true 400 percent like it's so much more to a real woman than ass and frame and boobs over brain

And most men don't look at the big picture

It's a good look if your woman is beautiful but it also takes time to know her from the inside out like read between the lines.

Because of the thirsty horny types sometimes to get the woman we want we have to approach it from a different angle of the game I mean who doesnt play the game of life to win?

And honestly a real womans love admiration respect is worth the work!

And this also means not running at the first sign of trouble hold on to your love real ones are hard to find and harder to keep.....

But if you stand back listen with your ears not your mouth and legit hear where she is coming from you will want to go where she is going!

Look at the portrait not the frame the frame is the covering the portrait is a beautiful work of art that does not depreciate in value it…

Obey your THIRST!

Lol I don't get why some people think thirsty is attractive like how does anyone take a thirsty thursday serious?

Dam Ma u so fly I'd put a ring on it before you know the name is a bit much

How the he'll you know if that fly person isn't 5150?

And ladies WOW if the 1st pic u send when we exchange numbers is of your puss keep that lol I don't wanna see puss unless I own in in that case I will already have a visual of me in it!

And wow excessive calls back to back cmon why would I answer this is not normal behavior only time it's acceptable is if we get disconnected and I tell you I'm dying lol

And what happens when we talk oh I just wanted to know what you were doing

And really cause you exchange a few text messages you need to know where a person is at 25/8 who they are with blah blah blah that is not being curious that is being Nosey Nosey is good for a good reason but in most cases mind your dam business

People become adults to move out of their mom and dads …

it amazes me that people slack at a job???!If you do it be the best at it!

I dont care if your career move is pole dancing on your knees standing outside the liquor store 26/9 if you do it be the best at it..
at my part time job ive never seen so many incompetent people in my life wtf off top they were not holding federal taxes from me LOL ok like I didnt have to pay the irs 12 grand for my business last year.
But since im management there I get benefits(the whole reason I work there since im self employed for my business)and they have been taking medical and dental out my check since april and still no medical or dental cards?
LOL so I call the home office in Santa barbara last night and say what should I do they say go request it on this website I try to do that this am get a guy on the phone and hes never heard of me my social my date of birth but he knew how to spell my last name lmfao must be common but GOTTTTTTTTT wth where is the money going cause its dam sure not in my pocket!

NEW TYRESE!I Gotta Chick - Tyrese feat. Tyga & R. Kelly

Sick and Tired of being Sick and Tired??

then its your choice as an adult to change the situation dead weight negative energy people always on drama wanna cause you issues in your life they all got to go no matter how long you have loved them whether yall have children together a business together or the sex is just that good!!
Women and Men need to realize we cannot make someone be something or someone they are not....I get that you spent a lifetime building them up you been there since the beginning or maybe your just holding on to something that is not there
You have to get up get out and move on with your life God has a plan for us all and I know it is not for you to be miserable arguing everyday fighting fussing catching them cheating even though this leads to great great make up sex it is not worth your time!
its up to you to do some soul searching weigh the options if the cons outweigh the pros you got to go.If a person gives you no act right why bother you deserve better and ladies I get it he makes you feel worthless …

The Dove Shack - Summertime in the LBC [MUSIC VIDEO]

Made for a Boss??!!

ok I thought about this one all day because I keep hearing im made for a boss from certain people so as a BOSS a real one not self told self Made im gonna speak on this!
ok the made for a boss type does not blow up your phone ask you where you are ask you who your with or what your doing because she knows that your a self made man your out making moves to put money in your pocket to continue being a boss see all those questions are insecurity a real woman that is made for a boss knows that she is on your mind while you are trying to get it!
on a real note if you got a good ass female that you can come home and be sane with and laugh and have a good time some good sex a good drink with your not gonna step out on her like the insecure female thinks...
insecure females think that knowing it all at once makes them sleep better but that only pushes your BOSS type man away.
and not all that claim to be a Boss are that there are so many fulgazzis in that department that it is not funny..
But at t…

Definition of a REAL MAN!

so I posted a "ladies whats your definition of a REAL Man" question
and from what I gathered most all the women that answered JOB was one of the first selections.!!!!
and honestly I couldnt agree with you more if your a MAN your ultimate goal should be to have a family kids wife dog swimming pool his and her Mercedes..and to me in my opinion your not a man if you cant provide for your family period.
now its not the 60's and im not saying be a stay at home wife but i am saying this as YOUR MAN im just that your Man im your lover you protector your financer.
And all I need is for you to be my banker ill pay all the bills im just terrible at balancing my checkbook although ive gotten better with the iphone/ipad app.
a relationship is 500/500 but honestly when I was in my long term relationship I loved taking care of all the bills the groceries because I watched my mama do it my whole life for us so it feels good to give back.
Id let my girl pay for dinner every now and again but …

Crooked I - Everyday (NEW VIDEO 2011)

Ways to go out with a bang at a job LOL

In light of one of my employees quitting on me via text message today I'm gonna have some fun on howd I'd quit a job lol

The fuck you fuck you fuck you your cool I'm out approach of my man in half baked is the ultimate way to go out so this is top shelf creme de la creme lmao

My 2nd is call in from the laker game or the beach like ummm since u told me I can't have a vaca day im out bro bro lol

My 3rd call while busting a nut lmfao ohhhhh sheeeeeeeeit I quit lmfao

4th call while taking a shit oh sheeeit literally lmfao

5th and certainly as funny as the rest walk In like it's all normal then get crazy start knocking products down then do a lap with the Ric Flair woooooooooooooo then say you quit so so gangsta lol

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I cant think with my dick!!

first off top if i catch something its gonna be a case

second if im taking time out my busy lifestyle to get to know you im going hard why wouldn't I?

If your not going in thinking the female you met may be the one why Go in?

Not all females are take home to meet mama material but that is on us as men to settle for less

if your all about getting yours then i don't expect you to get it

but if your all about getting yours then she gets hers times 5 then your ready

this is from a grown man mentality and I've said it before why love 1000 when u can love one 1000 ways

females y'all need to understand although you read females flirting and your dude got a good head on his shoulder than dont mean he's gonna act

I've turned down a lot more sex than most men get

at the end of the day you get one life one dick and last but certainly not least one chance at real genuine true love and if I have genuine love for a female and we are in love thats my shot and im not gonna miss

No man w…

Future Wifey Wedding Song Playlist lol

Future Wifey Wedding song playlist
1.Ying Yang Whistle while u twerk
2.Akinyele put it in your mouth
3.504 Boyz I can tell
4.Ying Yang Say ay I ay ya I
5.Nelly Tipdrill
6.2 live Crew hoochie mama
7.qb's finest oochie Wally Wally
8.50 Cent disco the sssshakee Yo ass girl one.
9.Enrique Iglesias Tonight I'm fuckin u
10.nine inch nails closer
11.Eazy E gimme that nut
12.trillville some cut
13.khia my neck my back but the too short remix lol


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Tupac speech

2Pac-That's what niggaz do Happy 40th birthday!!

it seems when it comes to relationship women worry about the wrong things!

1.instead of worry about who your man looks at talks to works with who's he around

why dont you give him something to think about when he's in those situations that your worried and insecure about

when in a relationship your significant other should be your main concern its the 2 of you against the world

no one wants to be with someone who does not have their back 500 percent..

you cannot half ass a relationship period.

we find ourselves checking phones checking his pockets checking anything but ask yourself this..

If your doing what a REAL WOMAN is supposed to what the hell do you have to worry about if a man has a good ass woman at home and decides to step out on her in the words of 2pac sister you don't need em I aint trying to cash up I just call it how I see them..

A real Genuine man knows that if he has a good ass woman on his team shes the foundation she the heart the soul the passion the pleasure and he's the first to heal her pain KNOW THAT

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how to get every app store app free with jailbroken iphone 4 iphone ipod touch or ipad.....

This is an incredibly easy thing to do as it has already been done by an expert hacker. All credit for the following hack goes to First of all you need a jailbroken iphone or ipod touch on a firmware of 2.0 to 2.1 If you have not done this i have posted a hub on how to do so, so go and check it out.2. Launch cydia3. Press the manage button on the bottom; then press sources.4. Press the edit button on the top right corner then press the add button which appears on the top left corner.5. Type into the box that appears;, then press add6. Wait for it to refresh7. Press the search button on the bottom, find and install the following applications;AppShareInstallous8. Press the home button after they have been installed and go onto AppShare9. Search for an app you wan off the app store and if it has been hacked it will appear10. Scroll down to the bottom and press download (if there is more than one version click on the latest one) 11. Select one of the iphone…

Understanding a Capricorn Man......

Understanding a Capricorn Male’s Behavior:
A Capricorn man (Born between December 21 to January 20) is rather calm in his behavior. He is rather a dreamer as well. His imagination often takes him to new heights! So, if you are his girl, you should probably not lose your cool if you feel his attention has been diverted! Sometimes you may feel your Capricorn man may be too reserved in nature. This is because; the Capricorn man may sometimes build a wall around him so breaking that wall would be tad difficult for you. There are many times, a Capricorn man would prefer his solitude and in that case, he would better be left alone. To understand a Capricorn man, you would need to know that he may appear reserved on the outside, but deep down inside, he would nurture true feelings for the ones he loves.

The Capricorn man is not the party animal, but he would surely be seen at social gatherings. He would be the quiet and calm person at the party rather the flashy and flamboyant types. He would …

So dude finally admitted to shooting 2pac in 94 huh

"Promise to pay Back Jimmy Henchman in due time I know you b*tch N!!!!!!! is listening the world is Mine"

A man has admitted to being involved in the attack on rap star Tupac Shakur in 1994, inside Manhattan's Quad Studios in November of 1994, after allegedly being paid $2,500 dollars by James "Jimmy Henchman" Rosemond.Dexter Isaac, a former friend of Rosemond, is an inmate currently serving life in prison for murder, robbery and other offenses. Isaac came forward Wednesday (June 15th) with the information on the eve of what would be Tupac's 40th birthday. He confessed to his involvement in the November 30th, 1994 robbery of Tupac Shakur to, after Jimmy Henchman identified him in a statement, relating to Henchman's indictment for dealing numerous kilos of cocaine. "I want to apologize to his family [Tupac Shakur] and for the mistake I did for that sucker [Jimmy Henchman]," Dexter Isaac told from prison. "I am tr…

All that Bullshit is for the birds!

We are not put on earth to argue fuss and fight over nothing life is too short I'm not into the arguments as I've said numerous times I take my aggressions to the bedroom lol but In these cases where people like to argue fuss fight text ignorant stuff we aren't even in a sexual relationship and to be honest never will be.......I don't see how a girl thinks of stalking someones twitter as normal "oh I gotta go on there to see where your minds at"lmao really nope pretty sure your on their for your own agenda as you were since day one I met you me me me me but I got news for you I don't need you I don't need any woman for that matter just my moms my sisters and hail Mary on my rosary.I'm sorry I work my ass off and get everything I want in life and I'm not gonna let miserable people who don't know how to live their lives to the utmost weigh me down anymore.

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Ladies learn when to turn the crazy switch on and off lmao

Ladies learn when to turn the crazy switch on and off wait till u got his dickprint in your throat his balls got a resting place on your vajay jay and your puss curves to his man man WTF are u thinking acting crazy as soon as you introduce yourself?Hey my name is Shawonda nigga look at that hoe again I'll cut ya lmao fellas run run run!!how the he'll are u crazy on yo day off WTF at least put on an act a few months before crazy takes over let the man test drive the pussy before you get nuttier than a snickers lmao yall act crazy before u give it up unless your the baddest that ass is gonna be forever single.
1.who in their right mind wants to
Smell a grown mans dick
2.Who in their right mind wants to go thru a phone they aren't paying for
3.who stalks twitter when u don't have one
4.Who makes fake profiles of a bad bitches pic flirts to see a mans reaction
5.And best one yet who Sits around the corner from a mans house waiting to see who rings his doorbell lmao
You my friend …

Finally my iPad 2 Lakers cover from coveroo arrived

Well worth the 49.95 price!

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Check out the wordfoto app in the app store!

Fellas word of your LIFE J-O-B-

I don't get how a man is ok with no money in their pocket?
Get Money or be bummy?
I think bummy is an excuse to be lazy.....

How do you wanna live off a woman when y'all got children?

and if you are gonna be a bum at least be a good one...

How to be a good bum you ask?

First off if your home all day and your womans out doing her grown woman you gotta be the best full time face sitter ever.

Im talking some R.Kelly sex in the kitchen pull her thong to the side bury your tongue in her till she quivers shit...

then you gotta put the ps3 stick down for awhile and practice that pipe laying all day everyday if your at your house 25/8 wait im sorry your womans house 25/8 and still busting in 3 mins Houston we have problems...LOL and I get some woman got the bomb but u gotta learn to hold back.

How is it that I can lay the pipe and im always at work?something aint right bruh.....

and how are you stalking your womans Facebook and twitter all day knowing dam well she paying the net zero bill thats…

What a Girl Wants?

someone explain this one to me I heard the Christina Aguilera song back in the day LOL but it seems as if women want something that sounds good but then end up with the opposite when what they want is staring them right in the face?

Why does a man have to be unavailable have moved on for some women to be like dam I was trying to holla or dam I wanted to be your girl?

Ill tell you why its cause deep down all women say they want a good man but when they find one its intimidating.....

A real man doesn't care that he's well off that he's doing something with his life that he has a good career and you don't all a good man wants is to be with you by any means.

And your just making excuses out of fear fear of rejection fear of commitment most of all Fear of getting hurt?!

Yes we have all been hurt thats part of being an adult but its also the adult thing to let go of the past and listen to your heart and be happy!

Life is short....

Most women say they want a man that has his own do …

Nipsey Hussle - Keys 2 The City [OFFICIAL VIDEO] [1080p HD]

The Past is a Ghost the Future a Dream all we ever have is NOW

this is one of my favorite quotes of all time cause its so dam true when we argue with people we love the first thing we do is revert to the past and this isn't good for the present for today we have to learn to move on be strong learn to not compare our loves to our past loves learn to not compare our new career to our past "Oh at such and such I was the man"LOL lets face it we live in what have you done for me lately times and thats life if you live in the past you can never move forward focus on making the best you can of a short life cause were damn sure gonna leave this earth whether we like it or not live it to the fullest so many say that but never do!

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cop the Cuzzy Capone American Hoodster on Itunes now for 9.99


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The Amazing Ipad 2 Bluetooth Keyboard Case from Brookstone

probably the best 100 ive ever spent in my life the case is all leather and if your a professionial like myself it looks very professional.So be sure to check this out I was between this and the otterbox and decided to get this a smooth move too.

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Baby Fathers Fathers LOL

Correct me if I'm wrong here but I had one of y'all steal a iPhone awhile back so your ex couldn't contact me so when it effects me directly I earn the right to speak up

Ok off top just because u have a child with a woman does not mean you own her you had a good woman you let her go pushed her away pushed her up against the wall however u did it it was done it could of been a mutual break up.

Most women who bring your child in the world want that fairytale love kid marriage so when there is a child involved she wants you in the kids life I get that and I respect it!

But this gives u no right to ask who she's with who's at her house who is the dude she comments on Facebook none of that

Let's just say she happens to still be sleeping with you cause she hopes you will change if your woman is deeply in love why would she talk to me?

I've been around women my whole life and a woman deeply in love with a kid and the man of her dreams isn't even looking another ma…

Grown Women PLEASE!

Grown Women
Girls want to control the man in their life.
Grown women know that if he's truly hers, he doesn't need controlling.
Girls yell at you for not calling them.
Grown women are too busy to realize you hadn't.
Girls are afraid to be alone.
Grown women revel in it…using it as a time for personal growth.
Girls ignore the good guys.
Grown women ignore the bad guys.
Girls make you come home.
Grown women make you want to come home.
Girls leave their schedule wide-open and wait for a guy to call and make plans.
Grown women make their own plans and nicely tell the guy to get in where he fits.
Girls worry about not being pretty and/or good enough for their man.
Grown women know that they are pretty and/or good enough for any man.
Girls want to control the man in their life.
Grown women know that if he's truly hers, he doesn't need controlling.
Girls yell at you for not calling them.
Grown women are too busy to realize you hadn't.
Girls are afraid to be alone.
Grown women r…