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Rimpau Wit a Winner long dayz late nightz

you fuccin with the best girl you fuccin wit a winner i am not the same I am not like them other niggaz!

1entrepronegro's let go of ratchet-ology 101

*in this blog we will go over steps to help you ratchets away from your ratchet tendencies

*Never ever bitch that a man is on his grind 25/8 when u expect this lavish lifestyle in your mind u want a nigga up under you all day this isn't a man this is a lil got the game ass backwards if u want me to depend off u then throw it in my face next!

*your fb status should never ever say you need texting buddies bitch get off the couch and meet real people

*you can't be on every dating site claiming you've been hurt and want a real man how have you been hurt?there are real people being hurt in the world cause he won't come over with a 6 pack isn't being hurt step your game up

*Tighten it up lose your puss grip u might as well lose your puss too many miles baby that's a repo LOL your puss like the happy meal over 20 billion served smh

*change the game I'm looking to go back to school in 2013 is Swahili for I want a man to take care of me and my 3 kids but bitch…

Asking a dude what he drives is a No no!

If a dude is having casual convo with you via fb or twitter and u ask what he drives before his name sorry one your a gold digger two why ask you'll never ride in my shit and three what were you thinking?I hate answering that question for many reasons not that I'm ashamed of my rides it's one of my prized possessions cause I worked My ass off and earned what I drive Its just rude like oh if a dude is fine with a fly whip he can hit?U got a 90's mentality in 2011 bitch Lol.

Asking what I drive is like asking how many dicks you've sucked in your lifetime a need to know basis I don't care what you drive as long as I don't have to drive your ass everywhere and it's always the basic broads with no job no ambition that ask?Why is that u think I got a fly whip u finna come up nope I'd buy my wife anything you can't put a tag on wifey that's priceless but u ratchets can't even ride in my trunk that's on my mama!!!

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Thank you Ralph Lauren!!!!!!

Grown Women/Lil Girls Grown Men/Lil boys

I'm going in :)

*Grown Woman are out getting to the money to take care of themselves and their families

*Lil Girls are worried about what your tweets and fb status say 25/8

"oh u can tweet but can't text?"

That's a lil girl

*Grown Men provide effect love and don't stress their family and your family starts with the maternal figure in the fam whether u have kids or not your wifey/Gf needs to held on a pedastool of respect!

*Lil Boys are fine just getting by living off female to female while mastering the art of Madden 11 cleaning out the fridge smoking cigarette butts but u say "I'm a Man"<<
*Grown women are there for their man counsel nurture respect cook for pick him up when he's down he's your lover your Partner your best friend

*Lil Girls only think about themselves dammmm you working hella hours what you buying me?

Lil Girls u are not trained to step into the ring with a real man your boredom and need for attention will get old and bo…

Truest Quote Ever!

"A loving relationship is one in which the loved one is free to be himself -- to laugh with me, but never at me; to cry with me, but never because of me; to love life, to love himself, to love being loved. Such a relationship is based upon freedom and can never grow in a jealous heart." -Leo F. BuscagliaSent from 55,000 Amazing Quotes
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this is why Ice Cube is the best to ever do it his verse is ridiculous LOL

Free iPhone credit card reader!

How Many times u heard dam bruh I don't have cash on me?LOL well here's your answer download the square iPhone app signup they send u the free reader.....

Noki Theme best White iPhone 4 theme

Download this for 3.00 in the themeitapp

My Lockscreen Socal all day!

Went back to the polo hd text

Dialer all white

All white retina folders

My homescreen

This theme comes with 5 HD wallpapers but I chose my own yapp!

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Techmo Bowl on my phone WHAT

Even though Seattle was giving me the bidness lol


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Another Hot Cydia Tweak Masks

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Ievo 4g hot theme!

Bluebird HD theme

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S/O to they did that!!

Life is just a fight against your disbeliefs

I strongly believe that life is just a fight against your disbeliefs if you have faith in God Faith in your ability and who you are as a person what can stop you?

I say nothing no man woman or child can stop you only one shot so take it like your Kobe 4th quarter in 04

Your insecurities come from disbelief what you see as wrong or nobody would want you if a mafukka love you they will accept you for you without judgement!

Gotta let go of the past to have a present!

And dam sure let it go to have a future don't let pass mistakes run your everyday life!

And last but not least ladies you are given one pussy so why not believe in that when your acting la Vida loca before u give it up who's gonna want it?

You Cannot control who your man is he's grown he's gonna be who he wants to be & if you don't get your mans mentality why you with him?

Life isn't always serious learn to take a joke and have fun!

And my biggest disbelief of 2011 is that I was told You can seem excited …

nes for iPhone 4

Hit me and I'll walk you thru how to get it FREE

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Android Lock Pattern

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Hot Tweak Graviboard!

Basically u can throw your apps anywhere in springboard with your finger then hold the home button and it's back to normal ;)

My Ode 2 the #Purp & #Yellow #TeamLakers

I can honestly say being born & raised in Los Angeles County I've been a Laker fan since 1985 when my mom took me to the forum as a baby. See I'm a like 3rd or 4th generation Laker Fan my grandfather was a Minneapolis Laker fan then continued in my family when they moved to Southern California I remember hearing my moms scream at the Tv at Magic Kareem James Worthy Nick Van Exel to name a few and that's carried over to me screaming "Fuck Kobe pass the ball"we've come a long way from those days when he was triple teamed and still shot shit the 99 Playoffs when he was shooting air balls against the spurs. I remember when Jon Salley after we won the championship screamed in the camera we going to the century club tonight baby lol from Glen Rice to Ron Harper I watched every game the 3 peat years to this year see I love the Lakers like I do my city it's home to me nothing like the staples on a Sunday night in the formal whites nothing like hearing Chick H…

Made in America?

At my work our logo says the best brands from around the world & people have been on the Made in America tip so after weeks of just answering on a normal tip I was finally fed up and told this older guy nothing is made in America these days besides CRACK lol #okbye

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Keep the Faith Were about to make History!!

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SwHD theme remixed with Mechizo

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Adult Baby<<,Oh hell Naw LOL

Jordan iPhone boot logo

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What I'm starting to realize about most women?

A woman that's been scorned,hurt by a man whether mentally or physically watches & scrutinizes every move you make and they expect it to be right or else.............And it's small things that most men don't even think of like answering a text in a non enthusiastic way...And I'll be 100 this makes me want to run run far away because I'm from perfect & if I actually mess up will I be shot killed hit by a car or castrated lol!At the end of the day I'm not your ex your not mine maybe I'm so focused on my money and being successful that thinking a new chick and my ex are one in the same never even crosses my mind.Then again I'd stop and ask how a hard working female was doing before I start taking my mental too much time on my hands issues out on them.If you can't let go of your past don't but also don't step in the ring with a real man cause if your crazy on me for no reason I'm out before you Glenn Close my ass! Lmao

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Follow Me on the Soundtracking iPhone app & enjoy my musical genius

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Welcome back gifts for playstation network crash.

Sony Announces Welcome Back Gifts And Secure PlayStation Network After Crash
BY TREVOR – MAY 5, 2011
At a hastily called press conference this past weekend, Sony apologized profusely to its PlayStation Network (PSN) users and announced a much more secure network, safer than ever from hackers and server crashes. But they didn’t stop there. As a thank you to PS 3 gamers and PSN customers for their loyalty, Sony has an entire “Welcome Back” program in place to ensure they lose little or no market share in the competitive video game console market.

Free content download, as well as a free 30 day membership to PlayStation Plus, is being offered to those users who sign back up to the popular PSN. For those of you unaware of the problems the Japanese company is referring to, Sony had its PSN system crashed by hackers looking to obtain sensitive, personal user data, and it was down for several days. For those diehard gamers out there, that is an eternity without access to their…

It's Fresh But my iPad 2 still needs jail broken

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The Significance of Cinco De Mayo!

The Mexican holiday known as "Cinco de Mayo" is widely misconstrued in this country, even by people of Mexican descent. Other people do not seem to care about the origin and cultural significance of Cinco de Mayo, they simply see it as an opportunity to go out and get drunk on Mexican beer at reduced prices. Despite its commercialization, this holiday is of importance to many people. This writing will attempt to clarify the meaning of this holiday and return some significance to a day that has lost most of it to the advertisement industry of this country.

The biggest misconception about Cinco de Mayo is that it commemorates of México's Independence Day. That holiday is, in fact, celebrated on September 16. On that date back in 1810, Father Miguel Hidalgo issued a proclamation known as "El Grito de Dolores" that united the many different rebellions going on against Spain into one cohesive struggle. México achieved its independence from Spanish rule in 1821.…


WE got Bin Laden let me see you one two step LOL

Why Black Folks live by the barter system lol

Cause that's how it's been since the beginning of time you do something for me and I owe you one but if I do for you you owe me a million lmao

Example your the wifey I bring u dairy queen for no dam reason that means either panties off or slide them to the side tonight lol

I cook you dinner that's a weeks worth effort free sex lmao

And last but not least if I get stuck watching a lifetime movie with Tara Reids non acting ass in it thats the 3b's breakfast backrub blowjob lol #okbye

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Kids Crawl Font

So bored at work found this new font for bytafont in cydia if you like a small different font check this out & Celtic Garramond.

Food for thought!

Inviting yourself is mad stalk my life ish lol

I remember. When my parents split my moms had this guy she really liked this was way before the cell phone text message area this was before call waiting or maybe we couldn't afford it. But this guy took it upon himself to show up unannounced flowers and all and I quote "get your black ass out my face" moms was pissed "who the fuck he thank he is showing up at my house without calling"she said so ever since then I've had that fear & considered this a no no. invite is like an agreement ok I'll see u this time and here

Some people assume taking control is inviting yourself

If that person wants to see u they will stalking is crazy dangerous and can be heartbreaking like my moms black ass friend lol

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Limbo HD theme

Limbo hd
Suave Hd
Tru hd mixed all free in cydia

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