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go Cop the Wc revenge of the Barracuda Cd March 8th West West!

Tracklist: 01. Revenge Of The Barracuda 02. You Know Me Ft. Ice Cube 03. Reality Show 04. What’s Good Ft. Kokane 05. Walking In My Taylors 06. That’s What I’m Talking About 07. Sticking To The Script Ft. Daz, Kurupt, Bad Lucc And Soopafly 08. 100% Legit 09. D Boy 10. Hustla Ft. Juvenile 11. The Spot Ft. Maylay 12. Dub C

Wifey Duties vs Gf Duties :)

ok lesbianist gf duties vs wifey duties a major difference when a dude is calling you wifey 9 times outta 10 its delete every number in his iphone droid and blackberry time so lets run thru this list real quick
1.his lady in the streets he can tie you up in the sheets meaning must be a lady in the light but real freaky in the dark for him only never ever should it be on any social network u showing any skin ummm lil mama is it ok for a female to be all on our twitter saying your so handsome I wanna suck your dick then we ignore you request to get rid of her?well showing your mans ass off thats right his not yours is equivalent insecure times you cannot bring this man down while hes at work being your man is a 26/9 career if your man take it serious but where your man makes his living is not the place if hes at work and you know it u gotta give him space he takes care of his business hes not out running the streets why you trippin?

3.stress stress stress is not good its like work if …

does not sitting on the phone 25/8 make u a bad bf?

I get that if your doing the long distance thing the phone is key its epic its a necessity but from a dude that does not like the phone at all one or two phone calls from me a week should mean a lot I mean im running a retail business so im always at work non stop and the fact that I give you that has to account for something idk when it comes to relationships ive always been more action less talking we can talk about it after I guess when the system always tries to keep it from u when u see it want it you get it by any means on my Malcolm X tip I mean ill text all day ill skype FACETIME all day its just on the phone talking about nothing my time at home is invaluable instead of telling you you miss me how about you show me?every female claims they want a real man well if u got one what u waiting for

Wc you know me Video featuring Ice Cube & Young Maylay

My Letter to my Laker Nation!

As a die hard fan y'all make me nervous with your worry lol what other team can say they have 2 rings back to back it wasn't that long we were 34-48 with names like Chucky Atkins Kwame Brown I can go on lol we came a long way and we can still compete and go far but as a true fan we have to accept the inevitable Kobe isn't gonna play forever and we will have to rebuild at some point so we can't win every year it is what it is the fact that we are the team that teams build their franchises off speaks wonders and although uncle mitch kupchak is often on my shit list it is he who got us Pau no Pau = no rings real shit!

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The Homie @September7th always brings the heat cop this mixtape

Big Fase 100 - 2 Late 2 Hate | Mixtapes | DJ September 7th (@september7th) | Coast 2 Coast DJs

Featuring: Big Fase 100, B-Fly, Greedy Da 554 Boy, GB, UndaDawg, 6 Mill, Ace Da Truth,, Mil Ticket, Yung Yae



We gotta learn to take it easy in relationships

So much is all your doing this wrong your doing that wrong I feel neglected honestly if you can't be yourself with the person u slide your pee pee only in who can it be?lol I mean to me the playful yet know when to be serious relationships are the best u should have fun with your girl isn't she your everything your beat friend your love your personal chef?lmao well
If she isn't why the he'll
You in it with me what you see is what u get no sugarcoat 199 percent authentic next time she ask what you doing instead of worrying about her reaction keep it 100 I'll tell my girl yo watching cinemax after dark or a
Porn or I'm taking a shit why not keep it real?it's fun u sleep better at night and guess what no fuckin secrets!

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Check out the Homie @NoahJones714 on Twitter music number 4 is my theme music

Allow me to Reintroduce myself :)

CAPRICORN educated hilarious handsome career oriented money motivated and devoted in all I do in life my sole purpose in life is to be successful hard work makes that happen with that being said I like to work and earn all I get in life especially when it comes to relationships if I don't earn your love respect and admiration im not doing my job as a man iv'e been in a serious long term relationship almost 9 years in the end it didn't work does that mean I give up on love no i'm not a fool love is what makes all of us whether good or bad beat it pics us up it lets us down but in the end if you come from love you have nothing but love to give my moms raised a good son so im not into the having hoes making babies sleeping with everybody I work my ass off daily all money in no money out so at the end of the day I seek that ONE female to come home to text throughout the day just to say I love and miss you anything else ask cause im here and im not going anywhere until I sa…

Real Men Stand the f*ck up!

Yo I'm tired of the insecure women these days oh u fine get money blah blah blah something gotta be wrong with you?or your married lol cmon son why it gotta be something wrong with me why can't something be wrong with the ladies that's on the market?did you ever think that the bullshit u ladies see it's the same for a REAL MAN nope u assume we are all the same and think with the dick head over the big head!!!I don't know too many men this day an age that ain't got a bunch of babies a bunch of hoes and a bunch of bs a dude that will call u at night text u thruout the day just to say I miss u can't wait to see u sends u pics is overlooked I feel like were taken for granted I'll
Admit my career is my life I'm
Money motivated but a good woman is the foundation to my money my life my livelihood and most of all my heart working your ass off to be a success in life should make u more of a
Man than anything it don't mean your married got a girl none of tha…

Kb24 hit with a Paternity suit after magic game LOL are u serious?

look Kobe you will always be the man to me on the court I was at the game you scored 81 in but dam I cant even judge you all I can say is what would tiger do?LOL learn from others mistakes is the first thing our parents teach us what do yall think of this rumor is it true?

Kobe Bryant is the latest NBA baller to receive some devastating news during a game. Following the Gilbert Arenas scandal, a clip posted by TerezOwens shows the Laker shooting guard served with papers after a loss to the Magic. The word is that the mysterious package is a paternity suit from a girl Kobe knocked up shortly after the Tiger Woods scandal. Here's what a "source" is saying about it:

"A girl Kobe was mixed up with earlier in the year gave birth to his ‘alleged’ child," the insider is saying. "Kobe paid for her to live in Italy for the last year. She’s returned to the states and is now seeking legal rights.” After the last big scandal, did Kobe not learn his lesson, …

Overboard for iPhone 4 all your pages on homescreen a must download!

Polo text messages!

Ode to Los Angeles Cali Love part 3

I feel like with the Lakers lost to the Cavs tonight not only the twitter world but the world showed their true hate for my city!y'all can have the Bet awards here the Grammys the NBA finals all star game but Los Angeles California is the city they love to hate!!!off top u associate the Lakers with Kobe which
Makes sense but were more than Kobe before & after we are Champions and Kobe is the nigga they love or hate so people hate the Lakers cool not to mention half our fans were bandwagon to begin with but what irritates me is like cool y'all hate LA but wanna live here the cost is too high?that's a reason to hate yourself not my city look I'm a Angeleno for life that's proof by mayor Villagarosa following me on twitter lol so I'ma rep my city to the utmost all of Southern California from the Lakers to the Clippers to the chargers to
My beloved ucla bruins I am Los Angeles I am the West coast from the Crenshaw district to the Cpt born & raised homie love…

Valentines Day 2011

It's not about the gifts it's not about the sex it's not about the roses the chocolate or the lack of all the above it's about the bond the love the admiration the 364 days that she put up with your black ass a year but most importantly it's about her it's what makes her happy it's her day & it's your job to
Make her day if you can't do that who are you to call yourself her man let's take it back to the old school days here we take care of our women are real
To our women and heal our women ladies I tip my Dodger fitted to you for
All we put you thru happy Valentins 11

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iPhone 5 features?sounds impressive

If you're thinking about buying the iPhone 4, you'll be better off waiting for the iPhone 5 instead, as it should be coming out really soon this year. Here are some of the expected features:The new iPhone 5 is expected to have Face Recognition Security so that you don't have to worry about other people stealing your phone and trying to use it... That is, unless they steal your face too. (Anyone seen Face Off?)Video Chat on a 4G network instead of a slow 3G oneMuch nicer overall body design of the phone. It's going to be even thinner and have a shiny black piece.Shatter Resistant and Scratch Resistant ScreenThe lowest model will come with 32G of space and 64G of memory. I'll be able to store my whole computer on the lowest model of the iPhone 5. Yippeee for me.Longer Battery Life - Up to 14 Hours of Talk Time On The 3G and 7 Hours on the 4G. With 14 hours of talking to my girlfriends, I'm only going to have 10 hours to sleep =(HD Audio - The quality of sound is …

So everybody didn't jump ship from AT&T to Verizon for the iPhone 4 great news!

You could hardly call it a stampede. In fact, according to a Barclays Capital analyst, Verizon Wireless' ho-hum launch of the iPhone 4 failed to generate higher-than-expected sales to AT&T defectors. And those overall light sales on Thursday reportedly served as a drag on Verizon's (VZ) stock, which closed down a slight 0.08% to $36.39 a share on Friday -- a day when the broader markets were up.

"Our proprietary survey of over 75 locations selling the Verizon iPhone largely supports our view that the VZiPhone launch, while material to both Verizon and AT&T, is not likely to radically reshape the industry landscape," says James Ratcliffe, a Barclays analyst, in a research note.

Expected Storm of Customers Turns into a Trickle

Ratcliffe believes that, at best, Verizon attracted an incremental 90,000 to 100,000 more AT&T defectors during its iPhone 4 launch Thursday, compared with its normal defection rate. And based on those figures, which he extrapolated from…
There is plenty of room at the top because very few people care to travel beyond the average route. And so most of us seem satisfied to remain within the confines of mediocrity. - Nnamdi AzikiweSent from Black History Quotes
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My what makes a female the shit checklist lol

Ladies you got 10,000 twitter followers and u follow 5 people that don't make u it lol u got 1000 fb friends a million comments that don't make u the shit separate the real world from online to me my make you the shit checklist is this

1.educated & goal oriented
2.Funny or have a sense of humor
3. You got your own no bigger turn on than a woman That doesn't need me.
4. The pussy isn't community it's MiNe!
5.probaly should be number 2 but can cook the microwave excluded cause I'm probaly gonna eat more Than we fuck lol know the true meaning of commitment
7. Communication if u can't talk to my woman who cab I talk to have respect for your mother mine is a staple in who I am as a man
9.not a gold digger this is huge I'm all
About success and God has blessed so if were together what's mine is your but dont take me for granted lady in the streets my freak in the sheets see this phrase is used often but people who mostly use it are all arou…

U can have Whatever you Want!

The Key to this relationship shit is whatever she wants and what I mean by that let me be clear there is nothing that should ever come between you and your love & when your blessed for her to give you that title it's your job as a muthafuckin man to love hold protect be a shoulder to cry on lean on and when she's down it's yours to
Pick up After all that's why we
Call our girls mama Wifee boo
Boo biscuits my love my heart so treat her like she's all the above 100

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Dmx is Back?whaaaat this track is a banger im impressed

Bishop Lamont Faded Video West Coast Banger!

Gotta 611 it every now & again

So many In your phone want u to fail You know what it is u get that text with a + sign in front of it like "dam u still alive"where you work now lol same place I was last time u asked it's amazing why have someone in your phone u ain't want to be successful I don't waste my time I'm all about reality while focused on my grip with that said I wanna see all my 32 iPhone 4 contacts shine if your not on my level your not a
Contact and I gave my lil sis my iPhone 3GS for this haha I guess Its about that time after 6 years of the same # to change it cause the people that are haters are the ones that rape u with their eyes but get no tip sorry that's for my
Woman only no tips for u unless you brought me out my porterhouse with seasoned veggies & a fuckin beer haha 100

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It's 11 broaden your horizons

A job a car apartment still gets u far with the ladies and although I want to be wanted for who I am as a man I'm not the only cat out here doing what he supposed to do.With that said once were passed all the bs what you like to do where you work do you got kids questions let's get to a point where we skip right passed the do u drive got a crib question you will know within 5 mins
Of meeting me what kinda man I am I get that your tired of the same ol same
But let me prove who I am before u think it's the same games your used to seeing I'm not the shit cause I got my own I'm the shit cause I have the mentality to get my own if u want it in life take it and if u do it be the best at it!
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My new fave iPhone ruler font Celtic Garamond

Let's ignore the fact that Celtdick I Mean Celtic is the name and admire the beauty of the letters I think I used this on my iPhone 3G before oh and to the comment that i spelled cent wrong in the last post thats the iPhone not me boys play with toys scholars play with dollar I'm ahead of my class u big dummy Lmfao

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My 3G a must have for jailbroken iphone

Tired of no facetime unless on wifi tired of safari being exxxxtra slow on a weak connection well hop yo big ass over to cydia and download my 3G it's worth every sent see it tricks the app into thinking it's on wifi and I've tested FaceTime it works just fine your mama would be proud of u lol

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