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12 zodiac new years resolutions via Sextrology

12 Zodiac New Year Resolutions

Posted: 31 Dec 2010 07:43 PM PST

Every year, we make them in hopes of bettering ourselves. Maybe we vow to lose weight, make more money or find a new man but we never quite accomplish our goals. They maybe too lofty or not well through but somehow we just never get everything we hope to get. So let us look at things from a new perspective. Start with the small things and work our way up. The goal for this year, 2011, should be to start from the inside and work our way out. Make a list, internally you are not happy with… then once that is completed you make a list of what you may not like externally and put it in a sealed envelope. We won't address any external changes until you strengthen your internal.

You think I am crazy. That's fine by me. You cannot do anything worthy, change anything external until you are strong enough to do so. Hey I don't make the rules but I surely try to live by the ones that make sense. Take your negatives and see how you can make them positive. When we have this conversation again in 2012, I am hoping you will be stronger and ready to accomplish more. Not hope for more, actually accomplish more!

Leaders of the zodiac, you often feel the weight of the world on your shoulders. You want to take on the world. You do take on the world but you do not realize that you cannot do it all alone. This year become stronger by trying to learn your limits and accept that while you are Superman/Superwoman, you need a team of other greats to help you along. It is ok to ask for help and it is ok to say no. It is in your core to champion everything on your own but know you don't have to. With a team, with friends, you can achieve the same results or maybe even better.

You love to control things. You love to make sure that things go accordingly and you often succeed. What you need to understand is that not everything can be controlled and sometimes you must adapt as need be. You are stubborn and while this is truly an admirable trait, it can leave you narrow minded. Try as hard as you may, you cannot always manipulate things to make them go your way. This has probably blown up in your face a few times and left a disastrous wake. This year resolve to take the time to recognize what you may not be able to control and accept that you will have to adjust if you cannot. If you stop and think for a second longer when you encounter your tasks, you may increase your success rate.

You have a vivid imagination and brilliant ideas but you lack the follow through. Take those ideas and finally accomplish them. Has there been something you have always wanted to try, do or become? Take that first step and then take the second and third. Your ideas are truly worthy of executing and you are the one who can make it happen. YOU CAN make it happen! Start small, try that recipe or look into that class you've thought about attending but once you take that first step, keep taking those steps! You will be a better person in the end.

Stop with excuses and get out into the world Cancer. Being alone is comforting but experiencing life is exhilarating. You can do things–by yourself–which is just as rewarding. Go to book stores. Walk around the neighborhood. You will see people and interact without having to actually deal with them. Change your scenery and you will find yourself more content. Home is great; routine is comforting but every now and then, move and venture out into something unknown. You never know what you might find to bring you out of that protective shell.

The world is your oyster and you want it that way but you may be the only one. Try to understand those around you better. Not everyone wants the luxury you may crave. Some are happy with the McDonalds Quarter Pounder while you may want that pure Kobe beef steak. Not everyone can do what you do with the style you do it in. Be mindful that your resources are not everyone else's. Come 2012 you may find yourself with friends that surround you for who you are rather than what you can do for them. Your New Years Resolution is to not force your desire for expensive luxury on everyone around you. Those with similar taste will naturally gravitate towards you.

Stop and smell the roses. You are a hard worker, everyone around you knows you are hard worker but you need to stop and remember you are the one doing the work and you need a break. Everyone probably has heard how tired you are and how much you have to do but has anyone heard of what you do for yourself? This year take an extended weekend and turn off your phone. This year actually take a week of your vacation and go somewhere, anywhere and just take care of YOU. In doing so you will be surprised to find how much more efficiently you will work because you have rewarded yourself with yourself.

The past is your past. You are losing your internal balance and life is passing you by because of things that should be left behind. Try as you might, the past cannot be changed. Accept that your struggle for perfection cannot always be obtained. Like a Taurus, you need to learn that you cannot control everything. By letting go, you restore your internal balance and continue to move forward by seeing what is really in front of you. 2011 should find you back in the land of the living not mourning the rivers of the past.

Sometimes you need to remember that it isn't all about you. While there is nothing wrong with keeping you number one, there are times where you need to be number two. You might have a relationship that you have or nearly have depleted because it was not always what you wanted when you wanted it. You have may lost opportunities because it wasn't quite what you are willing to accept. The thing is that it could be if you trust enough to give it time. There are others around you Scorpio but you can still do you and let them have something as well.

Let's do away with some of your … shall we say… tendencies to procrastinate. There is so much you would love to do but you get a little lazy and decide it can be done tomorrow. Why put off to tomorrow what you can do today? Especially when you get it done and can do so much more after. Do it right when you think about it. Start with the little stuff; taking out the garbage or the oil change but when you think about it, do it. Come 2012 you will be surprised at how much you accomplished in 2011 and how it didn't take you that long to do it.

Just stop. I know that was so very vague but stop getting involved in everything and stop allowing others to provoke you. Some Aries should probably take heed to this as well but… just stop. You are probably trying to help and trying to stand behind someone worthy but if you just let it go, it will work out. Fight the good fight but pick your battles. Not everything needs your heavy hand and not everyone wants to push your button. 2011 should be a year where you become more of a lover and not quite the fighter. Don't put the gloves away just leave them by the front door next to your car keys.

This coming year gather your Gemini or Sagittarian friends and help each other out. Pick one thing at a time and do it. So many ideas, so much creativity but you either put it off because you thought of something new or you put off because you lack internal faith. Like the Gemini, your ideas are brilliant but like a Sagittarian you tend to put it off. All those wonderful things you imagined having or accomplishing could be reality, they really can be reality. If you make the effort you will be able to shift them from intangible dreams to tangible actuality.

Grab your cancer friends and get out into the world. People will like you if they had a chance to know you. Wherever you got the notion that you are less than, you are sorely mistaken. You need to see it and feel it for yourself though. This should be the year you realize that you are just as good, if not better than everyone else. Pace yourself. You have 365 days to do this but there is this whole world out there that deserves you. Use this year and build your self esteem. See that you just need you and you can do anything and be anywhere you want to be.

Hopefully this helps you with your New Years Resolutions. Everyone deserves a year that is amazing but amazing comes from within. If you are strong and content then those around you will be strong and content. The Universe gives you only what you can handle. The Universe brings to you only what can strengthen you. You have 365 days. Make each of them count towards you goals. One good year builds into another and come 2012 and 2013, all you will know is the happiness you made. Happy New Year!


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