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The Entrepronegro kick the bucket list part 1

1.tell me you don't work your in school
But be logged in twitter Facebook all day and to make that even more fucked up u got myspace on your homescreen on your iPhone 4 smh.

2.ask me in a text message can u get a call?
3.Ask me where I'm at and your pussy had made no contact with my penis!! and your mama are on a first name basis no respect smh use the saying I don't usually do this when it comes to me lies lies lies lol
6.u wear granny panties this will get u kicked out of bed just so u know
7.the basics aka bad hygiene as a woman these things should come natural I can't have u riding shotgun in my hood if your teeth are throwing up gang signs lmao
8.u tell me I work too much SO WHAT I pay my bills aint ask u for shit!
9. U watch me like u do reality tv ie dam u tweet all day but I can't get a call now u sure as the fuck cannot lol
10.last but not least u only think of yourself you never take into accordance my life what I'm doing u just randomly hit me up …

This is why I fuccs with Nipsey Hussle so tough checc out his blog post dudes 100

Happy New Year Everyone!

Now the question I ask is: What will you do new this year? I don't quite believe in making new years resolutions on the 1st of Jan only to break them by the 2nd of Feb! But the thrush is . . . as the universe expands so must we. 

My personal evolution for 2011 is to rid myself of negative thinking habits and apply intelligence and determination to every decision I make. With each day we are presented with a new opportunity to posses our individual concepts of greatness and in 2011 I encourage each of you to grasp it with full vigor and confidence. Remember success is a Marathon, PICK A PLACE AND RUN IT TIL ITS OVER WITH. 

Look forward to consistent flow of content on and a year full of progress. To start the year off, enter the site and check out The Marathon (BOOK): over the last two months Jorge Peniche and I met every morning, and had discussions regarding everything from the state of hip hop, to art, to gangbanging in los angeles, to the relat…

Verbal spousal abuse worse than physical?

In a lot of ways yes it is as I sat here trying to FaceTime Tianna all I hear is you stupid f*ckin whore blah blah blah my neighbors get it in and although I bet they know my name{I take my arguments out in the bedroom} I bet they are like dam I hope no one is home at the neighbors one my car is never there two u don't hear that shit here I mean I'm not perfect but if someone has you that mad all the time why the he'll you with them it's convenient y'all got a kid so the f*ck what if u can't stand someone the smell of their breath the sight of them LEAVE it's that simple some things are not always worth fighting for no arguments from me I'll pay u back in facials lmao

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Some females need to learn COMPROMISE

I get that there are thirsty thirties out there willing to give you the world to smell the p*ssy but that ain't me wine dine romance is all u see that ain't me with me what you see is what you get I work hard for the $ I live to stay fly and buy whatever I wanna buy with that said when I'm on my grind that's me time if I have a moment to text call you give you attention I will I don't need you to tell me what it is you need I got this if your on some need attention 25/8 shit then may I suggest the unemployment guide theres some I'll bros on there with that up your ass attention you need I don't have that to do it's called compromise especially if it's a distance thing you knew what you were getting into when you got in point blank period those days of dropping all and running to u are dead I mean if it's an emergency I got u but if not space pr you'll drive me crazy I've never been and never will be that up under my woman all day type to…

Tmi some females are too forthcoming

Lol ay ladies I get that most ya men aren't what you want and all that so u hit me up
For a laugh a smile to make u feel better but these text about I ain't had sex with my man in days are doing a lil too much haha I think he might get upset we talk let alone u spilling y'all bidness out there like that haha so here's what you do it's 2011 if the man isn't giving u what u want no act right the sex is forced or u don't enjoy it don't do it period why give yourself up of it's not where u wanna be in the meantime in between time get ya practice cause you gonna need it if you plan on getting at the Entrepronegro hahaha!

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My review on clear 4g

So after months & I mean months of being harassed about getting a clear spot for my 2 iPhones and IPad I finally bit the bullet and paid the 60 to try it out for 14 days don't really need it at home I have verizon fios but out and about it may come in handy if you work in a Simon mall you know the wifi is terrible so I will admit although laggy it did work well at my mall but the question is is it worth the 60 a month so far they lied I can't change my billing to paper it's auto bill although $$$ is always in my account this makes me nervous because companies especially new ones are shady so to be honest I'll probaly cancel for that reason alone I have great credit so the fact that u feel the need to bill me auto is a slap in the face bye bye clear

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Another West Coast Banger Game Im the King off Purp & Patron

My New Font Mobsters in Bytafont

Famous people born January 17 even though im the most famous LOL

Sophie DeeJanuary 17, 1984