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every Cop needs to watch this video when pulling the Brothas over for DWB!

Officer Assaulted During Traffic Stop Speaks

A Dayton police veteran shared his story with News Center 7 on Wednesday just days after surviving a fight for his life. Officer Jonathan Seiter was attacked on Saturday night while making a traffic stop on Free Pike.

Seiter has been with Dayton Police for more than two decades, and naturally has faced many dangerous situations. However, he said Saturday night was the first time ever that he thought that he might not make it out alive.

Late Saturday night, Seiter was working traffic detail on Free Pike when he pulled over 64-year-old Otto Coleman because his headlight was out. "He was a little aggressive in his demeanor," Seiter said.

RAW VIDEO: Officer Assault Caught On Tape

So, as a precaution, he called for backup, but it was already too late. "I had him get out and started to pat him down when he pushed me and the fight for life was on," Seiter said.

Coleman who is taller and heavier than Seiter, locked himself around the officer and tried to grab his gun, despite Seiter's repeated punches.

"It was hands on and it was a boxing match," Seiter said. He did everything he could to survive , but he was not sure how much more he could endure, until help arrived.

Seiter said, "I heard them go by and out of their car somebody yelled call 911."

Angela Pierce stopped to help and then jumped in and started beating on Coleman.

"I saw her come up and start hitting him and she distracted him long enough to allow me to what I needed to do," Seiter said.

Seiter managed to gain enough control that when a state trooper arrived, they were able to take Coleman to the ground battered and bruised, but alive. He said Pierce was not the only who saved him that night.

"She was sent there for a reason and we are here today," Seiter said. "Here today because of a little help from above."

Coleman remains in the Montgomery County Jail on multiple charges. Seiter told News Center 7 that Coleman does have an extensive rap sheet, including a previous conviction for assault on a police officer.


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