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Happy 2011

We seen some shit in 2010 the dom death of myspace the dok death of the KKK when Obama started passing laws #nshit we saw the light skinned bros almost make a comeback we saw the greatest to ever do it Michael Jackson pass RIP but u know what we all saw that matters most ANOTHER DAY carpe diem seize the day I tip my dodger fitted and coconut ciroc to that!

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Dear Mama 2011

As a young man I never really valued my mom and all she sacrificed for me coming up so on thanksgiving as I was giving thanks for all I was thankful for I held my moms hand and said thank you for all
You did for
Me and I'm sorry for all the pain I caused you coming up I don't realize how hard it must of been for a woman to
Make a man out of
Me and I think you did a very good job nothing that I accomplish in life wouldn't of happened without your values your inspiration and your extreme patience and to
Me although I'm biased I think your the best mother to ever walk the planet I can only hope to be half the parent you are someday my mom
Is the female me hard working funny and deep and I thank God that he put her in my
Life and that she's here for me when I need her my
Mom Whether close far east west north south is always in me amen thank you Stacy Stutler for the motivation your children may not see it now but someday your hard work you put in will be appreciated believe th…

What u know about that old school?

Terror illistrates my era
Now I cant hang around my momma
Cause I scare her
I'm quick to blast motherfucker
[Dr. Dre:] yeah what's up
It feels like I'm bustin a nut
When I open you up
Cause your body is exposed to the midnight mist
All you weak motherfuckers give my ring a kiss
Cause I'm givin dirt naps
Comin with them bomb ass raps
To make your lungs collapse
Perhaps, you never sleep
Cause evertime you doze
You catch blows to the motherfuckin nose
Ain't seen the sun, in 66 days
Let me count the ways in a fucked up maze
I never ever ever made a hoe stay
But I'm down with Dre
Like AC is down with OJ
So fuck how your livin
I'm the unforgivin
Psycho drivin
It's authentic
Don't panic
I can't stand it
God Damn it
So fuck Charlie Manson
I'll snatch him out of his truck
Hit 'em with a brick
And I'm dancin

Ice Cube Natural born killers

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Ungrateful kids people adults these days

As my return rate climbs & climbs I can't help but wonder what it is like to be in an ungrateful kids head lol I've never returned a gift unless it didn't fit but some of these kids "WTF mom that's not the fuckin color uggs I wanted"lmfao my mom
To this day even as a grown ass man would slap the shit outta me then bust out the extension cord on my ass and it's people like this that take the true meaning out of Christmas to me being in retail management the day after Christmas is a nightmare when I should still be in the holiday spirit and I'd like to know when this trend started cause I've never seen it till I started working I guess growing up as a have not you learn to value any gift it's the thought that counts you know how in school they teach gym & health they should have a class on what it's like to
Be poor and have no food or one meal a week there are very less fortunate in the world and we bitch that our uggs were the wrong c…

Why the Lakers Don't show up to play Christmas day?

Because it's against Lebron?because it's on national tv?nope because we are a classy organization and we feel so bad for Lebron because he almost smelled a ship ring but got swept by the spurs lol group hug bron bron we love you so well let you have your limelight during the regular season but come June well see you on Figueroa in your Kobe jersey showing support for your idol

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Next year I'm writing to white Santa cause black santa ain't shit lmfao

Man this mafukka black Santa debited over 2500 from my bank of America on some u owe me like the IRS shitttttttt lmao I thought christmas gifts were on the house I asked for a thick lil mama with no gag reflex this man gave me a polo puffer vest?yes it's a thick jacket but I need a booty that claps rat a tat tat lmfao asked for cristal I got old English 400 not even 800 asked for the new urrrsher cologne I got some old spice swagger wanna be axe shit lol asked for new jays got adidas with 5 stripes dam black Santa look out for ya nephew next time this isn't right all wrong gifts then take the $$$$$ for it?next year thickness under my tree and some rims and a sandwich for my lil mama to eat after I put it on her #okbye!Sent from my iPhone

Merry LA Christmas from my 3GS lol

iPhone 4 slider in Cydia

True Meaning of Christmas to Me

to me you cant really put a price tag on the ones you love the ones that are in your life 365 25/8 with that said im not about over doing im about the wow factor I need a wow look on the face when you open my gift some people look disappointed when they get a gift and are ungrateful and christmas is all about being grateful God Loved us so much he gave us his son to save our sins and we got these spoiled lil brats that are pissed because they got the wrong ugg boot wrong color see those parents are better than me and better than my parents I got too much of my mama in me you dont like what I got go buy it yourself is my motto LOL
In the words of the great James Brown lets make this Christmas mean something this year give thanks that your alive to see another one and with faith in God you will get all you want in life not just on Christmas day lifes lessons are life changing True Story 100

Nipsey Hussle Tha Marathon Best Mixtape 2010-2011

You are now a part of an exclusive society that represents the lifestyle of the successful yet uncompromised. The Marathon is all about the work before the celebration, the test of endurance that separates the winners from the rest. As a Marathon member everything you want is yours to claim, nothing is out of reach and it's all up to you. There is no failure, there is no defeat, there is no doubt on The Marathon, only total faith in the will of your heart.

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Understanding Me

I got this joking jovial sarcastic side but when it comes down to it I'm a deep ass thinking serious dude especially when it deals with loving my loved ones with that said all the flirting pic comments back & forth bs with females when I put my mind to it I'm the best to ever do it and when it comes to giving my love unconditional your gonna feel my love when I'm thousands of miles away see people get that wrong impression of me based off the net it's the complete opposite I like to make ppl smile not frown but when it comes to being in love I ride for mine like I do my home state Thats real one love one mind it only takes one woman to make my love SHINE Sent from my iPhone

A better life in 2011

Your personal "Manual For A Better Life"  in  2011

1. Drink plenty of water. 2. Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a
prince and dinner like a beggar. 3. Eat more foods that grow on trees
and plants and eat less food that is manufactured in plants. 4. Live
with the 3 E's -- Energy, Enthusiasm and Empathy.. 5. Make time to
pray. 6. Play more games. 7. Read more books than you did in 2010.
8. Sit in silence for at least 10 minutes each day. 9. Sleep for 7
hours. 10. Take a 10-30 minute walk daily. And while you walk, smile.
Personality: 11.. Don't compare your life to others. You have no idea
what their journey is all about. 12. Don't have negative thoughts or
things you cannot control. Instead invest your energy in the positive
present moment. 13. Don't overdo. Keep your limits. 14. Don't take
yourself so seriously. No one else does. 15. Don't waste your precious
energy on gossip. 16. Dream more while you are awake. 17. Envy is a
waste of time. You already …

every Cop needs to watch this video when pulling the Brothas over for DWB!

Officer Assaulted During Traffic Stop Speaks Otto Coleman Posted: 4:07 pm EST December 15, 2010Updated: 11:25 pm EST December 15, 2010A Dayton police veteran shared his story with News Center 7 on Wednesday just days after surviving a fight for his life. Officer Jonathan Seiter was attacked on Saturday night while making a traffic stop on Free Pike.Seiter has been with Dayton Police for more than two decades, and naturally has faced many dangerous situations. However, he said Saturday night was the first time ever that he thought that he might not make it out alive.Late Saturday night, Seiter was working traffic detail on Free Pike when he pulled over 64-year-old Otto Coleman because his headlight was out. "He was a little aggressive in his demeanor," Seiter said.RAW VIDEO:Officer Assault Caught On TapeSo, as a precaution, he called for backup, but it was already too late. "I had him get out and started to pat him down when he pushed me and the fight for l…

You got the good good?

And what if it's all
Bad can I sue you for
False advertisement I'ma keep it 10000000 Everytime ive been told
Ima get it put on me I've done the putting on I'm talking snoring long as he'll "my Jimmy runs deep so deep so deep put her butt to sleep" type
Shit lol and let's just say you do have the good good do me a favor and surprise me with it I'll be laying back you on top next thing you know my ass is in a coma and I'll wake up like baby you need anything YOU LET ME KNOW lmao like you my massa and I'm
The house Negro we sick boss?when u get a cold some things are left to be shown and the good good is given shown and not Spoken when u say u got it I wanna see it kinda like Me telling you I got a 15 inch python in my pants u won't believe the shit till you gagging on it down ya throat #okbyyyye Sent from my iPhone

Party & Bullshit

People are always like dam you don't go clubbing bars chase the hoes none of that blah blah blah and there is a reason why like 7 years ago Thats all I did I got drunk every night I treated my Gf at the time like shit and did whatever I wanted shit I even quit my job to party yes me mr workaholic quit working to get faded every night I had some broke disloyal bustas on my side and I was out splurging on them two grown ass men way older than me buying them and myself drinks every night I went broke I lost it all did I ever get one phone call from
The homies nope I was sleeping in my dam car then my car got repossessed yes I hit rock bottom I went to stay with a girl that was like a sister to
Me who tried to get me in the bed in the long run and boom I prayed I looked in the mirror and before it was too late I found myself I had no
Drive no ambition I lost it all it took time but I found myself and Thats why I mash like I do sometimes hitting rock bottom makes you rise to the top I'…

Need a Real Nigga?

I've been reading this everywhere so of course here's my 2 cents what defines a real nigga?I mean let's face it do we really know a real nigga when we meet one!??ive been a nigga my whole life and they don't make us like they used too so what defines a real nigga grinds for his has his own good head on his shoulders always holds you down when u need him right?well the thing is and it's the truth when most women have a man like that they take advantage of it or the get bores "he's too nice" let's face it majority of women like assholes they get hit go back he cheats they forgive but when a real nigga is in their life they get bored fact of the matter is most say they hate drama but a lot of those saying that live for it saying I need a "real nigga"is in most cases a cover up a cop out for u accepting the fact u love the asshole type dudes from a legit ass mans perspective when u meet me talk to me it's all love then u get to thinking …

My Top tweaks Ive Purchased in cydia for iphone 4 thanks to

SnapTap: Most of the users have a habit of using hardware buttons to click a photo, especially those who have recently adopted iPhone. This tweak lets you take photos with the iPhone’s volume controls and headset button instead of finding the small camera touch button at the bottom. Support iOS 4.x and iPhone 4 as well. Get your SnapTap tweak for $1.49 only.
iPicMyContacts: A simple tweak that shows contact pictures next to their names in your address book. iPcMyContacts comes very handy, when many of your contacts share same name (both first and last name). iPcMyContacts is available for $1.29 in Cydia Store via BigBoss repo.LockInfo: It is one of the best jail-broken Cydia apps that provide functionality most anyone would expect would be available by default on their iPhone. LockInfo brings your calendar, e-mail, news, sports, weather, SMS notifications and missed calls to the lockscreen. LockInfo has now been updated with Retina Display.28. Gridlock: It allows you to reposition spri…

why yall think ass shots online get the most comments?ILL TELL U

because that dude leaving the comment is beating his meat as he looks at your pics LOL no but on a serious note you wanna know the truth BECAUSE its online behind a computer or iphone screen anyone can talk tough I bet 9 outta the 10 comments u got for ya thoia thong shot ladies would not be said to your face reason why exhibit a dudes automatically assume she showing ass that ass is easy to get not always the case fellas its the same as you right said fred ass niggaz with ya shirt off in every pic she wanna show that ass off I see a ass daily i wonder what its like under that its just that LOL so heres a toast to the nice ass in the default pic although id never wife you i will look and tip my 40 of old E to the visual memory of that thang yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup

iPhone 3GS Bytafont Black Chancery epic

iPhone 4 Bytafont Akbar Classic thank you

Last but not least Jordan Logo Text Messages

Chargers IPhone 4 SMS

Finally IPhone 4 Lakers SMS Yes lol

Just Because you Have thousands of Friends does that mean you arent to be taken serious??

where are the non jealous women at these days?the confident not cocky it seems people are more worried about how many friends you have over you yourself these days so i asked myself am I not to be taken seriously because I have friends and over 4,000 followers on twitter?your dam right I am see people no matter what color size age whatever like to laugh I make people laugh this draws attention we shouldn't assume because a dude gets love or attention thats hes fucking all the attention although some do probaly most do thats not my style I swear to you on my unborn kids that im in a league of my own when it comes to this being a man thing my reaction to things is this "what would My Mama say"so a vision of my 4ft11 mama pops in my head when I react and do things see this woman raised me right just yesterday a 90 year old white lady who probaly still owns slaves says to me WOW HONEY there are still GENTLEMAN in the world what does that say about my character?that nigga Ler…

a must download Trey Songz #lemmeholdatbeat

Los Angeles Leakers Featuring Game Snoop Wiz KHalifa Purp & Yellow Dopeness!!

Everybody is Wifey Material?where the he'll is

Wife Material at cause apparently a wifey can still show ass n titties to the world and still be wifey where as a wife is exclusive to her hubbys eyes unless your into that sharing your wife shit nasty lol but on a serious note wifey to me is overrated and over used like the word nigga it became cool to say I'm wifey material when 97.9 percent of those who say it aren't or have no clue what it is a wifey does not default a ass shot Thats your hubbys ass you are screaming for attention a wifey does not air her relationship laundry on her myspace status lol a wifey does not trip over her hubby being a hard working man a wifey is in her mans corner always her goodies are exclusive to his eyes and their personal business is their business yall
Got a lot to learn in that department I get that its just the Internet but if it's just the Internet why you want the world to see I'm old school in the sense that if your my wifey aka the only sex I'm getting I want it to
Be all m…

A Review on Jack3d I've been using 2 months now a great pre-workout boost!

Jack3d - Dangerous and Addictive Supplement?86 rate this pageBy sonde79Manufacturers are fiercely competing to make the most powerful pre-workout supplement possible (or at least make you believe it is). Each new supplement to hit the market seems to make bigger claims. Many times it's a new marketing angle and behind the label the product is basically identical to all the others. Every once in a while, the bodybuilding community confirms the hype; "Honeymoon period" user reports on message boards and various review sites abound. The latest example of this phenomenon can be seen with Jack3d. The USP Labs Supplement is fast becoming the flavor of choice among gym rats.What is Jack3dTraditionally supplements have sold in large tubs. Jack3d on the other hand is sold in small containers. The claim to fame is that it contains only active ingredients and no fillers while most pre-workout powders use additives such as maltodextrin and excessive amounts of magnesium to bulk up th…

I said it along time ago the IPhone messes up your game LOL thanks Steve Jobs

My Bruins Break my Heart every year in football!

So I tried to stay awake last night to see if my bruins would come back and beat sc you know the school us bruin alumni despise I fell asleep after Barkley threw the interception then we fumbled sucks even more to lose to sc at home one of these years we will go undefeated and smash sc and their cheating school lol dam