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HomeLand Security...

we are often worried about our significant other when they hit the club the bar anywhere for a matter of fact who you talk to how many numbers you get I know you lying LOL weve all heard it before but here is some of the realest shit I ever put down from Entrepronegro to you I could be at the club talk to 100 million females the whole night if im happy at home its all i want it to be guess what IM COMING HOME put a twist on things instead of being insecure worrying who they are talking to put a little extra effort into the home life the making that person happy as opposed to assuming the worse to me there is nothing worse than a insecure ass female who makes excuses about everything and that goes for men too if your doing what your supposed to keeping your house a happy home do you need to be insecure?think about it

Mines is Reality

Grind no salary but on a serious we live in a time where the Internet is king Facebook twitter all that and even though I partake in that I'm all about real west coast mentality focused on reality but living in a whole
Other galaxy most men don't think with my mind set its treat loved ones family friends co-workers with the same respect that I demand and as for the relationship tip it's 1000 percent no half assed I'm with you all in all and nobody has you back like
Me and I take care of your heart as I do my own if my job is to
Mend your heart pick it up keep it safe I'm on that!I'm all about stacking my chips passing go collecting my 200 no games I turn on the ps3 every night when I get home from work so understand this when dealing with me it's all grown man it's all real I'm blatantly honest live life to the fullest and I'm all about being successful I like the finer things in life being broke is so un-American so I'm screaming all money in …

My Christmas Soundtrack :)

1.The Temptations-Silent Night2.James Brown-Lets Make this Christmas Mean Somthing this year 3.Boyz II Men-Let it Snow 4.Britney Spears-Santa Can you Hear Me 5.Mariah Carey-All I want for Christmas 6.Destinys Child-Carol of the Bells 7.Christina Aguilera-Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas(that girl can sang!) 8.Nat King Cole-The Christmas Song(you should hear me sing this LOL) 9-Chris Brown-This Christmas 10.Eazy E-merry muthafuckin Christmas 11.Snoop Dogg-santa claus comes to the ghetto 12-Westside Connection-its the Holidaze 13-Chuck Berry-Run Run Rudolph 14-Brenda Lee-Rockin around the Christmas Tree

these are the Christmas songs to me that make Christmas priceless and get me in the mood so download listen and let me know what you think most all these songs are on itunes 100

It's a Mans World but Real women make the shit go round

Like they say behind every successful man is a real ass woman cheering him on in her mans corner but think about it in most cases where there is success where there is good done where the beliefs the drive the ambition come from it's the Mother the wife the daughter some woman is there the mother is the foundation of where a child is coming from the wife is the foundation of a marriage and your woman is the foundation to everything you build as a man men become successful but our women push us drive us inspire us to be the best man we could ever be
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3 Miami Heat Can't stop the 3 Peat #Okbye

Awwww Precious Me & Tamika

Very Thankful 2010

I thank the Lord for all my blessing daily family friends that deep down care for me and wanna see me do well I'm thankful for the fake ones as well for the inspiration daily to make you hate me even more I'm thankful for that special person who always puts a smile on my face I'm thankful for good health the air I breathe and Everything in life my mother has given to me I'm proud of my sister Tamika she is about to be a nurse so I'm thankful for the good head on her shoulders I'm thankful for my career and the means to pay my bills in a messed up economy but what I'm most thankful for in 2010 is my God Given Ability to be motivated make you smile when you want to cry and the ability to keep it moving keep pushing my push and people in my corner cheering me on Thank God
Tyriq 11/25/2010
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How to Seduce a Capricorn Man from sextrology blog.

He might be the guy who just landed the big promotion at your office. He might be the guy who just opened up a restaurant in town. Either way, you notice he is going places and all that ambition and energy has made you hungry for him. Your Capricorn male has drive and determination to get where he needs to go and succeed once he gets there. Can you keep up with him?Capricorn males are patient. They measure success in logical increments that showcase their accomplishments. He is not afraid to work and is not afraid to take his time and make sure it is right. He is a practical man who is down to earth, a no fuss, no muss kind of guy. He is all business and rather direct. He wants what he wants and there is nothing to deter him from getting it, even you. If your ambitions do not match his, he will leave you behind.All that seriousness can make seducing him difficult. You do indeed have your work cut out for you. You need to approach him like he approaches life, confident, calculating and…

Rip Lucas Anthony Lang via abc Los Angeles iPhone app

Toddler falls from Staples luxury suite, diesStory posted 2010.11.22 at 11:42 AM PST
A toddler from Garden Grove died after falling about 50 feet from a third-level luxury suite at Staples Center after the Lakers game on Sunday night.The boy was identified as 2-year-old Lucas Anthony Tang.Tang was with his parents all night when he fell from the third deck of luxury seats to the arena's lower bowl several minutes after the Los Angeles Lakers beat the Golden State Warriors 117-89.The boy had somehow made his way to the end of the luxury suite, went past the partition and fell to the concrete floor at about 9:15 p.m.According to the L.A. Times, the parents said they lost sight of their son immediately following the end of the game, so they searched for him frantically. Then they realized he had fallen over the side.Witnesses said the boy was seen moving his arms and legs while being put on a stretcher. He was rushed to County-USC hospital, where he later died.In response to the trage…

Boy dies from Fall at Laker Game.

Boy Dies from Fall at Lakers GameOpinionby Michael Flood McNulty
(6 Hours Ago)in Sports A young boy, believed to be 2 or 3 years old, died after he fell from an upper-level suite during a Los Angeles Lakers game against the Golden State Warriors at Staples Center in L.A.The boy was inside a high-level luxury suite when he plunged 50 feet. Witnesses said the boy was moving his arms and legs when he was placed on a stretcher. He was then taken to USCMedical Center, where he died from his injuries, Sgt. Frank Alvelais said. The boy's name has not been released. The Los Angeles Times says that security officials were seen taking photographs an hour after the game ended. One initial news report said the boy was taking photographs when he fell. But that story has been ruled erroneous.
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Dont Take the One you Want for Granted that is all.

9 times outta 10 the same reason you fall for someone someone else will that person may just have gravity that pulls people to them you know if a person has an inviting smile people approach them if they are fresh people approach them its up to us to let that person know daily "Baby I Miss you" but at times we often assume because that person is who they are that we dont have their undivided attention so we start to drift away then we find ourselves without them missing them when all it took was a call a text a love note a letter we are afraid to get hurt but if you dont take that chance in life how will you know?Carpe Diem Seize the Day meaning today the present is a gift so unwrap it and take care of it

Relationship good or bad thing?

Let's face it your happy in a relationship you flaunt it you want the world to be happy for you but it's the opposite bitches or dudes want what you have shit some try to holler just to spite you to kick up dust and give you a hard time.So u find yourself engaged in drama u don't want or need you and your man/woman argue non stop for what?so is a relationship good or bad it's good to me life is what you make it sometimes we focus on the negative and not what matters people are gonna hate regardless but u can't lose focus on what matters is the two of u against the world if you worry about the outside world in your world then it may cause issues why do people care where your puss or dick is?it's jealousy hate admiration a mix of all and as an adult you have to expect that see when your single ppl think what's wrong when your taken and that person thinks what's wrong with them they have their own insecurity and it's on u to block them out live your li…

Thats that Bullshit!

safe to say My iphone 3gs is ruined watch what cases you put on your phones #OKBYE

Wesley Snipes 3 years?

NewsActor Wesley Snipes headed to prison for tax evasionFri Nov 19, 2010 4:40pm EST MIAMI (Reuters) - Actor Wesley Snipes was ordered on Friday to start serving a three-year prison sentence for failing to file income tax returns by a federal judge who rejected the Hollywood star's bid for a new trial."The defendant Snipes had a fair trial ... The time has come for the judgment to be enforced," U.S. District Judge Terrell Hodges said in his ruling.Revoking bail for the 48-year-old star of the "Blade" trilogy, the judge ordered him to report to prison as directed by the U.S. Marshals Service or Bureau of Prisons.It was not clear when or where Snipes would begin serving his time behind bars, however. His lawyer, Daniel Meachum, has said he would appeal if a new trial was denied.Meachum told the Orlando Sentinel the ruling was shocking."Wesley is very disappointed but staying strong and positive," the newspaper quoted Meachum as saying.Snipes had already l…

My Ode to the West Coast top 5.....

0.2pac-In a class of his own makaveli the don the GREATEST OF ALL TIME period how do you die in 96 but makes songs relevant today he was way before his time and when an artist can make a song u can relate to no matter how your life is from Happy Home to Pistol packin fresh outta jail I aint going back from STRICTLY 4 My Niggaz you outshine the rest of your peers period......

1.Ice Cube-nothing needs to be said about Ice Cube Resume hes the best to ever do it period every album is a classic He is the WEST pay homage hit after hit movie after movie Cube keeps getting better his last album is proof of that TOO WEST COAST!

2.Crooked I-underrated Crooked I by far the Hip Hop Weekly series is one of the best classics in West Coast History his Lyrics wordplay bars hooks are the toughest to me hes a modern day Ice Cube with crazy delivery Mr .Pig Face weapon waist is a classic ep planet Cob vol 1 is a classic slaughterhouse is a classic and at 31 I feel like Crooked is getting better every song

My Verizon Ipad Review

I dont know if anyone tried out the Verizon Mifi for the ipad yet but its cool its still not as fast as when I connect at home(Verizon fios)but it gets the job done out and about although I have 2 iphones with At&t I decided to test out Verizon because they say Verizon has the most towers in the world most coverage and if you didnt know the mifi runs off cell phone towers eventually because of my great At&t experience Ill probaly switch over to them im loyal in all I do but to be honest I havent noticed much of a difference in the wifi coverage other than the fact that I work in a simon mall(Terrible Wifi) and when I have my Wifi with me its way faster bull keep you posted still 20.00 a month for 1 gb the verizon one may be worth you checking out since most despise at&t

a REAL Nigga won't take u serious if all u say is Nigga!

It cracks me up how some dude told a female Thats not black dam baby it's sexy for u to call me nigga or a lil wayne & Birdman collabo said nigga so you like niggaz this niggaz that not attractive or classy or cute or accepted there is a classy elegant way to date niggaz without trying to be something your not although some do most of those types aren't around their mama saying yea nigga blah blah lol I get that we live in a time where half black is the new black that's fine I'm not a racist but I feel like in order to know where your going you gotta know where we've been as a people and it's about respect there's a reason why we celebrate Martin Luther King day every year show some dam class I constantly say nigga cause then u niggaz can relate but that's where it ends and no I'm not saying I can say it cause I'm black but my thing is a group of white chicks aren't gonna be at a all black club where they are unknown screaming nigga this…