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I just ordered the Verizon Ipad ill keep you posted

Verizon iPad October 28th: Let The Apple & Android Showdown Beginby Rob Jackson on October 14th, 2010Verizon Wireless just issued a press release announcing the launch of the Apple iPad on October 28th in over 2,000 Verizon Wireless stores. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the start of a new frontier in the Android vs. Apple war and the details make it even more interesting.The Verizon iPad will NOT be sold as a CDMA device – rather it will be a Wi-Fi only iPad that is bundled with the company’s MiFi service allowing a mobile modem of sorts. Whereas the AT&T iPad can simply roam around and get service via AT&T’s 3G signal, the Verizon version will require an external device – or a $20/month Android Mobile Hotspot Contract – to get the job done.Either way, this is a huge symbolic shift in the way mobile politics are being played and it definitely foreshadows changes to come. Android and Apple have been very secluded in their own little carrier worlds. AT&T has had the exc…

Lady In My Life!!

there will be no darkness tonight lady our love will shine they can hate all day everyday hate on what were building the love and admiration for each other but as we grow closer and closer our love WILL OUTSHINE ALL!!

Girl your ever Wonder in this world to me a treasure time wont steal away our times together laughs and heartaches are timeless and priceless being with you everyday makes the rest of the world seem simple you complete me and your all I NEED WANT DESIRE your kisses your touch your love steal my breath away im blessed to have you in my LIFE

Lay your body next to mine let me feel you with my dreams this moment in time laying with you is the only place I want and need to be as you give me your body and I give you MINE I feel like this is the only Body I need to touch for the rest of my life How bout you?

And baby threw the years im gonna love you more each day so I promise you tonight you will always be the lady in my life even when were old and grey our love will grow hour by…

How's working hard in life an issue?

I feel like all u who say I don't have time for u or didn't have time for you are hypocrites cause ummm last time I checked we can't go out to do anything with money see for the most part I thought a womans issue was dudes cheating talking to whoever whatever but it's not it's time u would rather me be broke live off u eat off u than do me and make my own money as long as u get my time my thing is I feel like a woman should want a dude she wants to be with to be independent and successful you know if u own a business in retail that mans gonna stay busy how can u get mad at that he works long days gets home late and you get mad over a non text reply maybe he was selling some shut see I'm on the Karyn White Superwoman/world class wrecking crew turn off the lights see I'm a he'll of man and it takes a he'll of a
Woman to understand if we talking u got kids how can't u accept what I do if I accept another mans kids I feel like it only the women with …

Now u can go get your FREAK ON

Lol why do us men always say that when we break up with a female is this a insecurity thing do u need to hear the words that u are wanted the wild part is we say this then get mad when she's hugged up with some dude in her new Facebook default lmao biggest downfall in all us men is trying to play tough like we have no emotions say that shit to the wrong female and she's not ever coming back it doesn't make u not a gangsta telling your woman how u feel shit gangstas don't dance we boogie where I come from a real g always gets what he wants go for yours Sent from my iPhone

Crooked I HHWRELOADED 12 Hot Toddy (West Coast banger of the Week)


after I played the shit out of that Ice Cube I am the West this dropped and from beginning to end this is a classic West Coast Album Yuk is nice as always C-bo is killing it as always and the realest and eastwood had some nice ass verses on this album when i went to best buy to buy this cd I had to order it (yea even in California)but its worth every dime so dope and classic I had to buy it on itunes just so I can bump it on the Iphone 4 right now this is all i listen to with the exception of the slauson boyz there goes the neighborhood volume 1 I put my favorite song from this cd on my player on my blog so check it out if you havent THUG LORDZ!!

Why MEN front like they aren't in a relationship?!!!

Check it out ladies the chase is what us men are all about the paper chase the alcohol chaser and most of all the puss chase lol when your in a relationship most men think dam ima be giving up a lot of ass having a girl cause look there is always that one that got away whether your man or female and if your 100 she's always gonna have you on her brain whether it's today tomorrow or 6 months from now and most Negroes when she comes back will front like naw Thats not my girl but u were seen hugged up grabbing her ass Bruh how u deny that shit thats like bill Clinton denying and his seamans were all over her wardrobe lol I ask the homes always that your girl "naw my nigga" lmao but u go home to her every night and she calla botching when u playing madden 11 at my crib and u go running to her u ain't got to lie Craig Thats your wifey be proud I'm ya nigga we tighter than giraffe pussy I got u regardless I've noticed the front factor really comes out if she…

Why females expect u to sit on the phone all night?

Now people are like I feel like your married or taken or this or that because u don't wanna sit on the phone with em all day I hate talking on the phone rather text and if u got something that important to say say it face to face my personality will shine a lot more in person than over the phone think about it u worked a long day you wanna come home unwind take a shit eat a hot dog drink a beer people think cause u walk pitta work at 920 that means call at 921 then when I don't answer man u never answer my calls?I'm like uh huh ok what's up shut up lmaoSent from my iPhone

If were having sex why do others need to be involved my penis has 5 personalities lmfao!!

I think were in a time where stuff that wasnt 5 years ago is ok now like for instance the old school it used to be you couldnt even eyeball a chick without her homegirls getting her on the horn that instant now a days the females are checking out the chicks because they been done dirty by a man and turned to females with the occasional dick dipping from time to time they always got the girls they love to lick right which is cool but honestly what started that trend you ask?ill tell you what it is some nigga was like aye baby u into girls we should get one and out of love for your man your like ok alright always wanted to try that once again im old school here never been into the sharing I feel like thats for my viewing pleasure only why do I wanna share someone that has the title of being mine ive never been a selfish dude and to me when u say this to your woman some may differ your saying baby you arent enough for me your shits not that good to me we need to involve someone else but …

Can I talk to you Part 2

Ok alright I'm goin in lol
First topic self proclaimed daddys lol random dudes not a females man saying in pic comments daddy likes?negro please u almost made me spit mt dew on my iPhone lol if a female calls u daddy keep that behind closed doors lol next victim people who always have an opinion that shouldn't word to the wise speak when addressed not trying so hard to impress next is females in pics with loccs on in the mirror kill yourself!!!lol and last but not least to u fucks making request for these chicks with no ass no nada and mostly no rhythm to shake they ass on you tube u need to stop Bruh I go to look for tips new song to blog and I seent a thong I pressed play and if I was a fly on the wall I would of took a pic of my face haha shits priceless "yea this is heartless Erica and this is a request for that nigga nut"lmfao y'all need a role model!Sent from my iPhone

Freshness Yes

That in a Relationship tab is a muthafucka

Put that shit up pussy u thought you'd never see is thrown at u why is that do ppl magically assume somethings wrong if your shit says single just cause u single don't mean u gets none or nobody wants u we all seen it the infamous oh u got a man/girl/girl emails oh that's fucked up I was trying to
Get at you stfu no u weren't u played around and someone stepped up to the plate it is what it is moral of this
Blog is if u want anything in life take it go for it carpe diem seize the day don't wait for anything you want in life to
Come to u or someone else will grab it before you smell it inhale it #truestory Sent from My iPhone

Let's talk about HATE cause I get alot of that part 1

First off Laker hater and bandwagoners eat a dick hilarious ppl talkin shit in the finals last year on twitter are #teamlakers lmfao sit down clown
Female haters who cares your hate boils down to u got
No dick so go to the next and keep it moving most female
Haters are out for their own agenda that's why you singleLook if I had time to fuck every female I'd be broke that means no time all money in no money outLast let's talk about those who hate life so miserable your mean pissed over shit that means nada Perfect example came home
Yesterday all my
Verizon what shut off cable internet my
Mamas cell phone etc when I paid the bill on time I've seen 968 on a bill 658 411 528 in the past months but they shut all off for a supposed 151 that was owed so I paid it called today they kissed my ass from here to across the street it was a mishap on them did I flip no I have a different cool type of temperament I could of then theta are ppl who flip out over a return at my store because …


ima tell you what you wanna hear so we can fuck then im gonna go get my haircut weekly so i can fuck ima whisper sweet nothings in your ear because i wanna fuck keep the freshest gear so all the females wanna fuck riding 24's 26's so i can holla at some bitches because i want to fuck let me hold that door for you smile at you tell you your smile takes my breath away because I want to fuck work 3 jobs because if u got paper bitches wanna fuck keep the purp on deck because kush and blunts make females wanna fuck pop that e baby so we can fuck go head take one more sip of that drank cuz tonight we gonna fuck
but after you get that nut why does all this stop the romance the wine the dine the im gonna give u the world talk all that just to get a nut lezbianist if a female wants to fuck shes gonna fuck no matter what shes thinking wow hes saying some bullshit but hey if he can keep the bullshit to a minimum we gonna fuck stop telling people what they wanna hear and speak how you fee…

People always put things on u when they are wrong!!

And I hate that with a passion you bring something you don't like up trying
To communicate like an adult and boom well you did this you did that why not just say look I'm
Gonna work on that I swear some people masturbate to drama life is way too short for he say she say especially
When u pass that 25 year old bracket your either with it or against it state your case or
Keep it
Moving Sent from My iPhone

Ladies Ladies Ladies if you ate my cooking you'd be in love

I'm starting to realize that I can actually
Cook I usually throw some ish together after a serious workout but dam
The shit be bangin haha imagine that guess growing up in a house full
Of women has paid off and imagine that loving on a full stomach my oh
My you'd be up all night honestly what's better than hot steamy sex after you eat a nice meal?work off those calories get some Gatorade g2 then at it again so u wanna know what my specialty is grilled chucked either stuff
Rice and season vegetables with chocolate/caramel with a creamy inside for dessert what u know
About that lol
:)Sent from My iPhone

Somebody asked me the best gift I ever received and I have to say!!

it was my sisters but most of all being a big bro i have older sisters yes im the middle but being a father figure to my sisters Tamika and Marina is invaluable to me there is nothing I wouldnt do for them and everything I do is for them so I hope that if you have siblings and are at odds with them right now this made u pick up your phone and call my family is my world and my world isnt the same without them 100

Ladies you heard it all well us men do too!!

The main thang we hear is how a female is wifey material look I've said it before I will again your not someones wifey if you got your ass as a default on twitter facebook and 100 niggas phones lol ok look wifey material in my opinion shares her goodies with her hubby only not the world I feel females who do say the shit they say to me to every dude it's like a drive thru window first come first serve lmao second wifey material doesn't go Mia as soon as Friday comes till Monday who cares if u go out and do u u worked/school all week u should let loose although i don't club much I'll let loose at the mall staying fresh and fly shit is my addiction and last but not least the most important wifey material takes your feelings into consideration not just her own so many hit dudes on that I'm feelin some type of way shit without even asking just assuming the dudes not feeling the same if a dude really cares for you and considers u wifey material guess what he's f…

Stereotypes Part 3 of us Black Males

We got babies everywhere or we been incarcerated our whole life yes there are a majority of black men in the system but if you ask me not just as a black man as a human being the system is designed for us all to fail the laws are so corrupt is pathetic as for the baby thing I can't speak on that but I can tell you my perspective healthy kids are a blessing and as a man I'm the provider for my kids when I have them and unlike most my baby mama is stuck with my black ass nothing she can say or do to me will stop me from being there for mine I know what it's like to not have a real father so I have to know how to be one a father isn't a check or money or diapers a father is there to pick his child up when they fall for advice love devotion and instilling values in them then $ after that kids are expensive but being a father is priceless in my opinion shoutout to the real daddys out there for every bullshit dad there's a real dad you just have to look passed your preco…

Stereotypes Part II NAS

Aka niggas ain't shit I kinda take offense to that because when it's said it's relating to black men and niggas come in all races sizes colors dick sizes etc and most who subscribe to niggas ain't shit mentality are on the date like a man so you don't get played like a bitch and I'm
Here to tell you you my friend are a nigga too because that's flat out ignorant thinking slave mentality it's like beat him to the punch I get that u caught him in bed with your mama sister and neighbor but this doesn't mean all niggaz ain't shit for every 100 assholes there's one true genuine dude to prove them wrong good men probaly come a dime a dozen I'll be the first to tell you us as a whole not just black men but men in general ain't shit most 9/10 think with the dickhead it's all about a nut and dating everyone me personally I'd rather go clock in at work I'm too grown to date and I'm not answering to a bunch of females but my thin…

Why cant we Realize what we got till its gone?

so you got this great woman on your side cooks cleans shit even does all the dishes but u dont know how to treat her right love her listen to her respect her but she does everything for you so you take her for granted why is that?ill tell you because your arrogant and you think that no one wants her because u now look at this woman as if you conquered her and shes yours and not going anywhere so what happens yall break up shes had enough shes tired of the bs the drama she moves out which you never saw happening gets her own place new job starts to do for herself then bam she meets a dude thats great for her keeps her smiling unlike your ass who always had her frowning so what happens then your jealous shes a nasty dirty trick bitch that no man would ever want right?so now that you see you tearing her down hasnt work you wanna switch your style up "Look baby im sorry give me another chance Ill do right by u"the funny part is no matter how great the new guy is shes contemplati…

Relationship Stereotypes Part ONE

this subject deserves a blog of its own its the cheat first mentality and i can only speak on the man side of this one so ladies no granny panties bunched on this one my homeboys always say shes too fine for me and she felt a lil loose last night so i know shes cheating so lets hit the club nigga and I laugh this is hilarious to me what are u saying Todd?see to me this is a cop out because most are not afraid to confront a nigga in the streets who scuffed ya air force ones but u let what u think is going on in your own home just go on and on thats lame my friend and to me you shouldnt even be in a relationship if thats your excuse for trying to bust every bitch u see because you think do not know have no evidence that your girl is actually cheating and i feel that if your going to cheat which you should never do it should at least be a upgrade you got a iphone 4 in 2 years when its time to renew your ass isnt gonna cop a iphone 2g so wtf u grinding on that chick with no teeth for talk…

Capricorn the OverProtective Big Bruh LOL

for those that dont follow me on twitter and didnt see my sisters new mans name is Doo Doo thats what he wants us all to call him i get a call from a unknown number last night and hes like Tyriq im like yap he said this is Tamikas new man doo doo and I wanna formally introduce myself since your sister looks up to you I said what it do doo doo lmfao im sorry I guess i didnt think and altough I respect this man for calling me how can i take doo doo seriously?at dinner ay doo doo can u pass the salt homie?lmfao so I just want yall to know once I eat Thanksgiving with doo doo hes gonna feel hella bad the dude last year got clowned because he was fuccin chitlins up and aint know what they were so of course i got the MOM Tyriq u need to stop boy voice and look but its funny i naturally cut up when im with my family im the family clown but doo doo is bringing it on himself dont yall agree??hows that sound screamin down the street DOO DOO LOL

Check my theme I Put on for My City

When u google Tyriq u get this?thanks Khrystina lol

.The name of Tyriq has given you a strong desire for success and all the amenities of affluence.
You pursue your undertakings on a grand scale, based on your business acumen and ability to visualize an overall plan.
Your enthusiasm, aggressiveness, and salesmanship are often sufficient to bring about fulfillment of your ambitions.
However, in the attempt to impress others with the scope of your success, you can over-extend your resources to the point that you have inadequate means to cover your basic expenses.
There are times when you would be advised to start in a smaller way, and gradually reach your desired level of success through perseverance, patience, and attention to details.
When things are going well, you have a generous, magnanimous nature, ready to offer support and assistance to others.Although the name Tyriq creates idealism and the urge to help others, we emphasize that it causes a materialistic approach that frustrates higher humanitarian qualities.
This name, when combined …

Look passed the PAST!

Your woman wants to see the good in you it's on you to show words mean nothing it's actions muscle behind the hustle in that light it's up to the lady to not hold her past mishaps against that man some get played used abused and feel it's all that are the same this can push most men away which may be that females goal to begin with but us as men if we are really into that female have to learn sacrifice learn to
Be patient that's why they say patience is a virtue I feel like some women push buttons to see not only your reaction but to see if you'll stick thru thick and thin most mens natural habitat is to run run when she's pregnant run when she ask for a ring turn the phone off If she ask for money so ladies I feel your pain but on the same note I watched my pops toy with my mother whom
I adore with all my heart and when your a kid watching the most important person in your life be treated like this it kinda makes you wanna be the opposite of that when you gr…

U need this on your iPhone 4 yap

Is Kissing Cheating?

Your dam right like I said on facebook it's like sticking the tip of your dick in and saying I didn't fuck that girl to me kissing is intimate it's loving I mean you kiss your mama on the cheek tell her you love her you kiss hello you kiss goodbye when u do these things to me it's like hello kiss I missed you today or goodbye I miss you already can't wait to see you later or kissing during sex means dam I'm inside the best place to be this is better than Osama bin ladens cave he likes to hide in bottom line is this if you can't do it in front of your man/woman it's probaly cheating if u were kissing and your girl walked in would u get powder slapped?yap yap Sent from My iPhone

Loyalty is Everything

to me loyalty means the world you have to be loyal in all you do and be genuine you know all around just a legit person but off top you have to be loyal to yourself and love yourself before you can be loyal to another ladies your man knows no matter if you bathe in vinegar whether that puss has been tampered with fellas your lady can smell that chicks bath and body works on your balls LOL its up to u whether u can keep it 100 with yourself or not whether u got it in your head shes cheating hes cheating so u wanna cheat too or your just in denial I think a lot of it is denial you wanna deny your true feelings for a person some people think they can do better well then wtf u give a title for feel me?but I promise you that if you show your lady loyalty respect admiration she can show u the ways them other 11 girls in your phone cant do it like her i cant really speak for the ladies im a grown man but men almost always downgrade when they cheat and im telling you its because they think yo…

A lot of Women Subscribe to the bum mentality

Ladies are we that insecure that we worry our man may cheat lie steal or do some dirt that we buy em games xbox psmove laker tickets if he takes u lapdances hookers hoes smuts weed 40s newports clearance jordans just to keep his ass in the house under lock and key?to me in a relationship u should be the first in line to watch them shine pick them up encourage their moves have his back 100 percent how long do u think u can keep a man down before he's had enough?On the other hand there's bums out there that live off a female actually female to female females pay their phone bill to talk to other females they put gas in their car for him to come thru shit some even take these niggaz to the mall buy him rice and bourbon chicken get the fuck outta here that's bitch nigga ology 101 If u don't earn it u don't deserve it periodWe as adults are supposed to act like adults be independent get your own uplift not beat down how can u call yourself a man if u expect her to put u…

The coldest case ever for iPhone 3GS

We Gotta Kill Cell Phone Signatures asapish LOL

honestly u chicks and niggaz with your name as your signature are ebonically illiterate negro please u already a contact in my phone why I wanna see your name 12 times in my iphone I seen one today not that I cared but it said I luv him but u askin me to come thru?nope if I want shot at daily ill move back to South Central lol why not put pull your dick out ill sick it or I suck dick daily or u lame dudes i wanna fuck every chick in my phone Lmao ima keep it 100 there are hella fine beautiful down ass females in the world but I only got time for one down ass female i spent 75 percent of my life at work and I wanna spend the other 25 working on my female excuse my language but there is no pussy like your own who wants to share the pussy not me I wanna come home and put my face in it while you making me something to eat thats that with that said unless its something funny step your game up everybody and they mama aka my mama is on a smart phone and u dont have a signature u niggaz with …

When I'm dirt broke and fucked up u still love ME!

This is the epitome of a REAL WOMAN I see thru the birds who calculate paydays they ask what u drive before your name I get that 2 outta 3 things a man needs is $ but dam where's the women that don't get mad over the Lil things and don't always expect the big things no lie I bust my ass but I appreciate and do more for those that don't expect it Feel me everyone always like u got this u got that u a baller look it's all in how u manage your paper see I set paper aside every pay to do for myself after I pay my bills and yes I'm like a Lil kid I get a new toy every payday why not I bust my ass to get it so I deserve it I'll never understand how a ball player is hella broke gets a contract and leaves the woman who was with him before he had money that's insane walk with me now fly with me later a real woman to me doesn't want u for money for anything material she loves you for u she sees u for u she knows u inside out why would u give that up for a chi…

Grind Hard all Day But Never too Hard for you!

i just wanna send a shoutout to the real women of the world the real women that handle their business day in day out I respect you i salute you I had you but I let you go but on some real shit now that i have you again ima never let go so many fakers imposters imposers busters out here saying they want a real man but they want that nigga living off his mama his baby mama or the system money isnt everything but every grown man should have some i watched a movie they said a man needs 3 things and 2 of them is money and ive been mashing for mine since all money in no money out ive met some characters who are home everyday waiting on some dude from online aka twitter facebook to say drop them kids off and come thru FUCK THAT ladies its your world men do everything to get at u buy rims get haircuts smell good i can go on and on for you what u look like waiting on a man thats not your man?see the biggest mistake thats made is letting the man control and im keeping it 100 im a natural born l…

Jailbreak your iPhone 4 asap glad I did :)

I sound so white?

I never understood how u sounded a color so let me get this if your black and talk like you have some sense some education and your not on that yo yo yo shawty tip u sound white?well if that's the case thank you I love who I am my color of my skin all that but I strive to not only be my own man but my own black man proud of my race my heritage my history but nothing about me is cliche or the same as the next man it's my life to live and love so if that makes me sounds so white so be it Sent from My iPhone


driving to the barbershop today and my iphone 3gs which i use as my mp3 player in my car randomly played Ursher Lifetime and to me this is one of the best love songs ever its honestly how you should feel going into a relationship would you be with me a Lifetime and nothing gonna come between us we have all been there its hopeless we feel like you should give up finding love cant find anyone you want you check everywhere in the world and then your proud to say your search ends here cause he/she is one in a million to u and its just that its not your homeboys your family its you and her against the world some people may hate say how they get together but its you its her behind that closed door and as a man we truely need that foundation and when you find that special someone the question is are you willing to give them a lifetime love is thick and thin its not just the good times its the down and dirty times and you have to ask yourself am I ABLE TO NOT LET ANYTHING COME BETWEEN US BECA…

What I want in a woman!!!

Read it want not need ahem well what I want most of all is a woman who's herself I don't like the put on a act them show your true colors a few months in once your comfy I know no ones perfect so I don't expect perfection to me love is about loving for perfections as much as imperfections yes we may piss each other off but coming out of that together is invaluable true story I'm not
Really with all the cliche ways of being I want romanced danced wined and dined I'm realistic although all that sounds nice it's the perception the mood and life that matters most I can be very romantic at times but that's not something you will see everyday I'm the kinda guy that does things when I want I'm not gonna be lovey dovey because it's your birthday and I'm obligated I'm Gonna do it on a Monday that means everything to me because your apart of it let's not expect this and that let's let things happen and I can guarantee you will see I'm w…

If your not in a position to give advice put shut to the up lol

Why is it people always got mouth open with an opinion if your situations worst off then mine sit back and take notes haha that's why God gave us parents I'm not one to need my peers approval if your insecure and cheat on every girl u call wifey why would I value anything u say?I'm old school in the aspect that If ima call u mine I'm gonna respect u at times more than I do myself meaning why would I wanna hurt you or put u in harms way in alot of ways cheating is unfixable there's always that thought ib the back of your head you forgive but don't forget who wants to live like that?and if u live like that who made u dr Phil to lecture me if I've cheated in life it was with money because that's all I chase 36 got 3 kids no job driving your baby mamas car on Crenshaw picking up chicks but wanna talk down to me cmon bruh u think u chris brown but old as Keith sweat bitch hahaSent from My iPhone

Wifey Types respect your GRIND

Look not all females are gold diggers but what female
Wants to provide her hard earned pesos for a grown ass man at her house playing madden 11 all day eating all the coooooookie crisp lol but not seriously and from
My standpoint it's all me I'm not working for someone or for you I'm working for me
So I have to go hard it's my money my investment my life ya dig so when it's about to be the 4th quarter in retail and I'm holiday training so my business runs smoothly you gotta sacrifice and say to yourself he's busy and let your insecurities go your feelings hurt now over not getting a text guess what it gets worse look I grew up poor and I like the finer things in life i like to do for those that never had and as a grown ass man I have to do that it's in my DNA I can't and won't live off anyone my checks have my name on them and that's that a woman should respect that not bitch at that a legit hustle my biggest downfall is I work too much it coul…

Rules of the game for us men

Communicate the key to any success in life is communicate don't keep it bottled up until you bust that's bad and can lead to drama I feel if we did this more effectively the level of cheating would drop in a major way Never ever ever talk to associate date your girl or ex girls friends homies by any means if she passed a chick in traffic that looked at her ass that chicks off limits most women when they have a great man tell the world especially when they have only had bullshit men and that female she tells may hate talk shit she's jealous and pictures being with you and having what you and your girl have and it's up to u as a man to put that females feelings before your dick I've turned down plenty of ass in my day women out number us and although this woman throws herself at you you don't have to bite and never should some of u niggaz are having babies by your exs former bff this is the epitome of foul and fucked up!Last do it for yourself not to get a womans…

The Past a Ghost the Future a Dream all we have is NOW

we all make mistakes in life no ones perfect and females think because they have kids they have to do this and that to get a good dude NOPE here is what it is if I wanna be with you I wanna be with you 9000 percent not 1 not 2 I dont half ass shit your kid/kids are a blessing no matter the circumstance im not a man if I hold your beautiful blessing to the world against you my thing is dont hold what that kids father against me and although i dont have any kids I wont hold those kids against you see a man has to accept you for you love you for you and respect you for you lifes too short I never understood the whole how many people you been with question the whats the biggest dick you have had question these are insecure questions the how many u been with is like a marriage type question but heres my thing thats not gonna stop you from sleeping with me so why ask?ive made mistakes youve made mistakes thats part of growing up and whether u been with one dude or 50 is that gonna make me l…

A fine female can turn sex down left and right but a handsome dude cant?LOL

alot of yall got the game messed up and both sides are wrong we say dam hows this person so fine and single something is wrong with them did you ever think the opposite sex doesnt know how to approach a person of that caliber not saying im the finest man walking the planet but every female approaches me the same its when a female approaches me different that I pay attention what you look for in a woman what you do for fun these are all bullshit questions so you can pretend to be that person to get my attention and it really wont id rather a person be themself have nothing in common instead of faking to like what i like with the internet these days people act like they aint got time to sit down face to face to know someone they wanna ask all these question via text to me thats wack know me when u see me if i met u on the net cool that doesnt mean I need the net to meet people ya dig and just cause your good looking and females throw themselves at you doesnt mean you fuck them all yea i…