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Go cop that I am The West

Since when was my skin my sin?

On some real I didn't tell my
Parents to have sex and make me I get that America hates niggas but
Voted for obama that's cool but if u tell me your about to work at the county jail are scared then hit
Me with a have I been that's offensive shit homie and on some real shit I never even showed interest in you and u wonder why u single saying all black men are the same is like
Saying all white people
Are the same if I told u u were like the white trash in the trailer park
You would be offended and for you to look at me
Like the deadbeat daddy that left u with the kid on your own hurts me even more u don't even
Realize the caliber of man in your face and it's ashame if u think all black men are jailbird deadbeats why do u mess with black men is it ok to think the worst of
Me yet fuck me now i relate with the black females
Laugh when they see a
Fresh black dude with a scrub ass chick non black
That's crazy its 2010 and people still come sideways on race oh well your loss bul…

How come every chick claims to be that bitch!??

But are all the same what you looking for what you do for fun?bitch I'm trying to be a millionaire I don't have fun I live life and yes living does mean you do things fun I travel I go to NBA games I surf when I'm home in LA I club movies eat sleep shit like anyone else I'm sorry these questions are cliche normal and shit you ask any nigga u talk to when you talk to me it's gonna be a different experience if you want all men the same and you
Claim you can't find a
Good man change up your game live a little isn't what a person does for fun found out when you kick it with him see how he lives where he's been where he's going I'm starting to realize women that break their neck to say their different really aren't different is shown in your actions different isn't an act you can't act different and your not that bitch as u say if your self proclaimed if that's the case I'm the self proclaimed biggest dick in porn without ever makin…

You don't date black men?your a dam liar lol

I don't date black men is in the same boat as I don't usually do this it's something about you what u mean to say is I haven't met a black dude that appealed to me YET keywords YET let's face it a guy comes in swoops you off your feet everything you want and need your gonna tell him NO because of his skin?I don't think so let's face it assholes come in all shapes colors sizes dick sizes puss sizes etc but when u say I don't date whomever your putting a limit on yourself and since we only have one life to live who wants to live like that?your parents family against it usually are the people that sneak and do it anyway let's face it when we are forbidden to do stuff we do it anyway I once had a brief relationship with a woman who said this now she has mixed babies lol #truestory Sent from My iPhone

people wonder why I stayed single?

muthafuckas are selfish period and i was raised to be giving caring loving and unfortunately you cant turn that switch on for every chick and I dont but if your someones man your well being should come way before their own selfish needs in my opinion yea i want to see my girl as she would want to see me but the thing is if shes going thru some shit thats once in a lifetime type shit who am i to get mad over that thats lil kid shit and I dont got time for it here is a list of things I feel should never be upset over numero uno and its a big one for me WORK if your man works a job has his own business and works doing sales for a radio station who the hell are you to knock his hustle are you gonna pay his bills??hell no and ima be 100 with yall im not paying yours I paid one females bills in my life and she had my 10 thousand dollar diamond on her finger didnt work out after 8 years so RIP to her LOL number 2 natural disasters sorry ladies im not that dude to come to your house with musk…

Nothing about me is NORMAL I'm unorthodox

On a non serious yet serious note women claim oh I want a dude to prove they are not all the same yet when u meet one ie me I'm a dude from Jupiter or some shit I'm weird your like awww I wish u did this did that fuck that I'm me and I'm not changing for u I've gotten by just fine doing this my way if u want a puppet go buy one I'm not pussy whipped I whips pussy :)Sent from My iPhone

im not the next man or the ex man im MY OWN MAN

that biggest mistake we all as adults make is assuming the worse some do because they dont have their hopes up some because they dont believe in themselves I get that you may feel like as a single mom your not wanted and dudes just want sex cause your easy 100 with you ive never been into easy i was that dude that could see money right in front of him and give it to a bum on the street that will probaly drink or smoke with it im a very giving person when the time is right and my way of giving may blow your mind but coming from not having shit in life you learn to value the lil things the smile you can put on a persons face and honestly my upbringing is probaly why ive never been into womanizing its not my Mo i like to sleep in peace at night i like stepping out with my lady and not having to worry about drama and in no way am i better than anyone but id like to think my mentality puts me above the rest of the class im valetdictorian and all and honestly i feel sorry for a dude that us…

Accept people for who they are not what you want them to be OK BYE

sometimes i feel like people expect me to be perfect and im far from that yes my words may sound perfect but im a guy that perfects perfection i think i have ocd that way with that said if i type it write it or speak it i live it i could lose my business id still have my word i could lose my house cars or any other monetary possession and i still got my word i could lose my life and i still got my word so like scarface i dont break my word for anyone see the biggest mistake that can be made is assuming i hate assume because it makes an ass out of you and me i dont like to be an ass i like to smack a ass and leave a palm print so a palm reader can read my future from the print i left on her ass cheek feel me so lets learn to accept people for who they are if you got a need a blowjob all day dude then dont change that if you got a girl that needs to go threw your phone let her shes not gonna change she obviously has trust issues and although you didnt cause them its your job as her man …

If i only got one shot call me Kobe 4th quarter in 04

grown man persepctive if we put the same emphasis we do on wine and dine to get sex to keeping our woman happy the divorce rate would drop the biggest thing people cheat is because they arent getting what they want so why arent you communicating saying what you feel instead of what sounds good?im old school in the light that i look at a woman devoting herself to me as a priority not an option like if your with me 100 percent im gonna love you 1000 percent nothing is better for a hard working man than having that foundation at home you have to build a foundation in anything you do for it to be successful it needs a blueprint and a mans blueprint should be his wifey his children his career
not all men are the same i know but i see more trying to get ass over trying to show class to me its the times that take her breathe away that are the most crucial to me the little things like when you open your gifts christmas day the look on your face priceless its stuff like that we shouldnt as men …

Much More than a Handsome Face and Pretty Smile

dont get me wrong i brush my teeth about 11 times a day for a reason and I know my eyes and my smile are my female attractions but I just wanted to let the world know or people reading this looks mean nothing to me ive been with some beautiful ass women externally who were shitty skandalous bitches on the inside so ive learned in my 28 years young that looks come and fade that if your with someone your with that person inside and not saying that I wouldnt wanna be attracted to someone im no hypocrite but a woman who isnt that good looking with a deep brain and treats me good and can make more than ramen noodles is more to grasp my attention over the phattest ass and beautiful face feel me lets be honest im a Capricorn im probaly gonna eat more than we FUCK haha true story looks come and go but a real woman will last a lifetime and beyond the looks are gravy love me for my hustle my drive and like Russel Crowe my beautiful mind!

Why oh why lol

Why do people take a person on their grind so so personal some people are just naturally motivated at being successful and won't stop till it's that time the fact that they take a Lil time for you and respond to a text has to be accepted some people have jobs where they can't text and sit on the phone all day you'd be surprised people making
Minimum wage in the world
Are told by their boss it's non professional to have a cell phone on them and Because the economy is bad they gotta suck it up for that if your a
Woman or a man that loves your significant other you need to understand that's how that person makes a living what's worse minimal contact or paying all that persons bills trust if I got paid to be on my iPhone all day or my blackberry I'd be glued to it waiting on my $ to come in never going out be patient hard work pays off and if u play it right you reap that hard work with the one u love nagging won't get you your way well not with me anyway …


yall ever notice that people come out the woodwork especially on the internet if you change your relationship status?ive even seen back in the day when i had myspace chicks email like awww thats messed up I wanted to get at you lol I think its hilarious its almost like your single people are like your too perfect whats wrong with you and when you have someone they are like dam I messed up my shot ima tell yall off the rip i dont even mess with women on that mentality if your my friend my happiness should mean your happiness and i know ive joked on a females pics that has a man but at the end of the day I dont act on that shit ive made it this far by respecting others and keeping to myself and if your a good person if it makes you happy it makes me happy all the hate in peoples blood is out of control another man or woman should never be on a couples pic like awww you should of been with me or anything say something nice and keep it pushing if you have nothing nice to say keep it pushi…

You gotta buy lock info for the iPhone

Best 5 bucks ever spent all my info on my lockscreen from weather to twitter check it out in cydia

KB24 theme revisited yap!

My Lil Cousins Mixtape Very Nice a Must Download

my cousin emailed me this last night and once I got passed repeating the first song 15 times cause he went off I was very impressed he has talent and I support him 1 hunnit as should you shout out to the 412 oh Ps thats him playing on my page now if you didnt know