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Check out My Lil Cousins song very nice

Russian Roulette with Your Dick is a Wrap!!

im always coming across some interesting people and interesting stories and im not passing judgement on anyone but you dudes with a kid on the way at home and 3 more on the side need to stop bruh your not finna take care of any of them so if your intention is just to get a nut why not be the adult and take the necessary precautions in life to make sure you dont have a bunch of children running around without a father because I could hate my childs mothers guts and shes not gonna stop me from being a father to mine they said it in bOyz n da hood any man with a dick can make a baby but a real man takes care of his and real talk so much more to being a parent that paying child support how do you dudes miss the birth first steps first birthday party all that id be there iphone in hand videoing all that like a proud parent its sad because us average black men grew up without fathers so we know what to NOT do in the father aspect of things but just ignore whats really real if I can do anyth…

im Probaly the worst ever at talking about myself wait im admitting a flaw LOL

no but seriously im terrible at the question tell me about you and what are you looking for probaly the worse and most asked questions in life I was raised in a household that if you brag about yourself God will bring you down 5 notches and ive worked hard to get where I am so I dont want knocked down I only wanna go higher heres what it is im more of a actions over words I can tell you this that and the next but it means nothing till I prove it to you so id rather show who I am as a man than speak it because speaking it and living it are 2 different things at the end of the day I could lose it all and my word is all I got so why not put hustle behind the muscle yap yap yap!

A Capricorn Mans Behavior?!

Understanding a Capricorn Male’s Behavior:
A Capricorn man (Born between December 21 to January 20) is rather calm in his behavior. He is rather a dreamer as well. His imagination often takes him to new heights! So, if you are his girl, you should probably not lose your cool if you feel his attention has been diverted! Sometimes you may feel your Capricorn man may be too reserved in nature. This is because; the Capricorn man may sometimes build a wall around him so breaking that wall would be tad difficult for you. There are many times, a Capricorn man would prefer his solitude and in that case, he would better be left alone. To understand a Capricorn man, you would need to know that he may appear reserved on the outside, but deep down inside, he would nurture true feelings for the ones he loves.

The Capricorn man is not the party animal, but he would surely be seen at social gatherings. He would be the quiet and calm person at the party rather the flashy and flamboyant types. He would…

Understanding me the Capricorn man this is on POint like Chris Paul LOL

Show a Capricorn male that you believe in his practical dreams and he will dream some more. Then, one day, he will achieve all of them and much more. At that point of time, you will be there beside him, patting his back and glowing in the warmth of success as well as his subtle love. He is one of the few men who are very serious in their youth and tend to relax with age. When all your old classmates start developing wrinkles, he will look as well as act like a college-going guy.

He will take you on long drives, when most of the other men are resting their old bones. With Capricorn men, the best part always comes the last, just like the dessert of the meal. You will not have to worry much about loyalty. He literally worships family ties and wouldn't sacrifice them for short, meaningless flings. The family means you and the kids as well as his parents and siblings. It is better if you understand this and respect his other family too. You will be expected to be a good wife, good mothe…

I can do bad by myself!!

Every now and again you come across a movie that inspires you to do better and leave it up to a Tyler Perry movie to do that Taraji killed this role impressive yet explosive it made me feel like no matter what I do there is not enough it makes you look at your life when you think it's bad and can only think hey it could be worse I'm glad I finally looked passed the fact I thought it was a man hating chick flick and watched it lol

Black Ups Theme

Ice Cube theme 2

Ice Cube IPhone theme yaaay yay

Men Compete Women throw in the towel why is that?

you can go on just about any of your favorite social networking sites and theres dudes leaving females 100 comments on pics and you know most women love the attention some act on it some take it in one ear and out the other but for the most part a ass shot in a thong is an attention grabber and dudes 9/10 that are thirsty eat that up me personally when I leave a comment I say what comes to my mind and thats that but the thing that gets me is that women see a dude with 100 comments and their like oh you got hoes you got all the ladies on you where as a dude wants to stake claim to that ass in the pic with 100 comments and I wanna know why is that?its not just a female thang for people getting played weve all been played whether we like it or not is it in a womans head that all dudes think with their dicks and that if a female smiles at them they are gonna fuck them all???I can only speak for myself when I say that im old fashioned ive always and will continue to be a one woman man even…

In life it's truely the Lil things that count!

Ayyy ladies ladies ladies lol on a serious note I know women often don't feel appreciated loved etc and I'm here to tell you all that feel you do so
Much and get nothing back it's the Lil things that we don't expect as men that mean the world to us and whether your man knows that when your there or gone I'm telling you what it is a Lil text I know your grinding but I miss u so much makes us smile and wanna call you on the late night after work even though we hate phone calls lol moral you don't always have to be down your mans throat to get love

Cop Planet CoB volume 1

Best Ep out go to and cop this pure dopeness and you do know that #okbye

Someone Asked is there Someone for Everyone?

my answer is yes definitely the problem is that when some people whether male or female have whats good for them and hear what they have been yearning to hear for life they run they push it away when they should do the opposite trust me it wasnt in Gods Plan for people to be single parents single bar hoppers single bar jump offs side chicks none of that life is what you make it and if you make the best of it the best will happen it may take time it may happen overnight but what ive learned in my years of being here embrace it allow it hug it rub it because it can be gone in the blink of an eye mayne!

Finally a Dodgers slide to unlock I like!!!

Run tha Streets.........

If your one of them oh my God were broken up types because u don't get a text reply and you worry worry worry if you find yourself calling 15 times a day then texting a grown man where you at what you doing I'm here to say you may need help this isn't wifey material or normal it's a Lil crazy especially when dealing with a grown man see we already have one mama whether dead or Alive she carried us for 10 months your ass don't run us we walk with a limp what up Zay lol but jokes aside I'm a Capricorn matter fact I'm the epitome of my sign so I'm not with all that answering to someone I'm my own man where my own clothes pay my own dam bills I'm not answering to a female unless it's my wife 2pac said it best you gotta give a nigga space for you drive me crazy I don't like a mafukka all up on me underneath me some love making home cooking and I'll see you later so meet me at 3 and don't be late nigga we hanging out all night while dr…

Wise Words lol

Check my resume sippin on cristal and Alize smokin on big weed keyed the Cali way don't like tricking but I'll buy u a fit I can't stand no sneaker wearing nappy haired bitch let my pedigree breathe freely the soul chief putting bitch made bustas to sleep with no grief haha Rip 2pac 6/16/1971 Sent from My iPhone

I'm not mad at this nicki minaj iPhone theme at all lol

Drake Weezy miss me video

a Grown Woman will always respect the GRIND true story!

2pac said it in 96 run the streets with my thugs and ill come home and love you better gotta give me space before you drive me crazy well not all but some gave that run the streets up for trying to run the corporate world and there is nothing worse than getting the same text 15 times while in an important meeting because some chick feels you didnt reply fast enough then calls then text blah!! im at work and im sure a female at work gets dudes without jobs blowing their phones up too its not only rude but its annoying thats why do you have a job or go to school is a qualifying question with me because im on my grind 25/8 even on my one day off a week im plotting to get richer not that money makes me but if you say money means nothing then you probaly need to get some more sorry but currensy runs this country we live in there is something you always have to pay for and since im grown and take care of myself I have to do what I have to do to survive and live the way I want im only gonna …

with the exception of Ice Cube Crooked I is the Best so glad hip hop weekly is back!!

NeighborHood Nip Hussle Change Tomorrow Video South Central State of Mind October 19 2010 yapp!

Insecurity might be the root of a Womans evil!

I heard my fellow Capricorn R Kelly when he said a womans fed up but what about when a real mans fed up?I get it seems like the prettier the more insecure and I'm not one to downgrade I upgrade every year like AT&T lmfao but on a serious note most aren't showing their ass on a twitcon or myspace or chasing niggas space whatever u wanna call it because their insecure in my opinion they want need and act off attention that's cool but what u failed to realize is u can get the same if not more attention on that pretty smile beautiful eye tip ima keep it 100 yes I've had beautiful women but the thing I fuccs with the most in a female is her mental if I met a ugly chick with good hygiene but her persona was a 10 I'd fucc with her real spit yap yap all day everyday how u got attitude when your ass bucket nekkid for the world to see like u the shit gtfoh that ass might lure a dude in but soon as u get to poppin off the neck it's a wrap moral is u can be the shit on…

Game Cherry Kool Aid Video LOL songs Priceless probaly my fave off BrakeLights!

Lack of Sex huh take a play out my playbook!!

How many times have you been a great significant other holding out on ass that's thrown at u to come
Home and your woman got the stay away sweat pants on with Sunday dinner stains on em and It's Thursday lol well here's what you do she's all into reality tv paying you no mind it's yours take it and show her your reality she's watching big brother show her your big brother haha you know what I'm saying {Fresh Prince Voice}she's watching Ghost Whisperer make her ghost whisper she's watching the hills make her climb your hill feel me
She's watching entourage show her your entourage of seamans on here face and most of all she's watching myth busters bust your myth in her watch that {Hi April} lol the point of the matter if u do it right and make it fun no weakness ailment lack of motivation should turn down fun In the bedroom you choose one partner for a reason so it's your choice to have dialogue and know what they like when they need it and …

From Now On I dont do Drama isnt in My vocab!

I honestly feel like the people that are always screaming they dont do drama are the ones always on the drama and like to argue fight over nonsense I saw last night from the comfort of my own porch some chick almost get run over to just be with the same dude today I call it the love to hate persona why not love to love the person you choose to be with after all its your choice no one elses

A must Have Mixtape Travis Porter I am Travis Porter Chevrolet is my shiiii!!

I think Us Men Should Build Women up Not Tear down!

I've met some seriously insecure beautiful women in my days of living
and man to reader I'll be honest it annoys me because I feel like
these girls should be the cocky telling it how it is types not the
girl that's myspace famous with over 500 pic comments and doesn't even
look like her pics in person lol yes true story but on a serious note
I like people who are themselves so many of us men make the mistake
thinking that if we break a woman down she won't go anywhere get in
her head and she will think she's worthless and Ima tell you bruh she
may stay but one day whether today tomorrow or 15 years from now she
will leave like R.Kelly said when a womans fed up listen to the song
if we are ourselves from the jump we won't have to attack like that
there is no rule stating that how u acted to get a woman in bed has to
stop after you get what you want a real woman will respect the words
baby I love you need you and never wanna be without you it'…

What Happened to Love??

im biased being an 80's baby but to me Michael Jackson Lady in my life is the greatest love song of all time like when I get married at the reception thats gonna be the first dance as I look into her eyes and sing to her girl your every wonder in this world to me a treasure time wont steal away and baby thru the years even when were old and grey I will love you more each day because u will always be the lady in my life see i think growing up in a household where my parents werent together it taught me to value life and love and what i didnt see at home Ive always wanted more than anything like Money Love affection feel me?I kinda feel much older than I am like im from a different era like I feel that if u give a woman the title you should be proud shes the lady in your life hold her tight and let her know each day why shes your lady love is so much more than a word its an everyday action its support when shes at her worse its holding her tight when she cant sleep at night its a ou…