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Ice Cube drink the Kool-aid pure Dopeness

Things that are Known don't need to be said but shown!!

Your wifey material?is shown you love someone is shown you got the wet
wet is shown again and again at the end of the day it's not the words
it's the actions that mean something life is more about showing than
telling to me how many of us hear that the new person in your life is
different?I'm here to tell u that no matter how many times you repeat
I'm different that person is still gonna have their doubts why not
prove doubters wrong this is my main motivation in life according to
people in my life at one point I should be dead or locked up the air I
breathe my freedom is mine thanks to God and to me once you realize
that your word is all u got at the end of the day the better and more
meaning your words will have!Sent from My iPhone

My Freshness theme

Crooked I Everythang Banger of the Month Planet COB in stores August!

Nba 2k11 Cover Yup I Like!!

Ron Artest Champions video LAKERS!

Nagging only makes me delete you out my Iphone

To set the record straight busting a dudes balls doesn't make u get
your way let me explain ok we got this schedule thing right ok let me
show u a normal week Monday open to close which is 10-9 Tuesday the
same off Wednesday And thursday Friday a half day 3-close then
Saturday open to close then Sunday all day 11-6 pretty demanding
schedule come wednesday I'm so tired I don't leave my house And
thursday I just wanna get a haircut drink a beer and play ps3 some of
u chicks are way too demanding of time and I'm here to tell you get
with a dude who wants to live off u I'm passing go and collecting my
200 if seeing me was that important you'd find a way instead of the
come see me text it's annoying especially when your at your house by 2
every daySent From KR44's iPhone

Pursuit of Happiness

So many people are always negative hating this hating that and I feel
that we as adults need to find in us what makes us happy life is a
blessing and if your days are spent being negative hating this and
that your not doing it right what do we need in life to survive good
health money are at the top what else is what we need to ask ourselves
stop accepting the bad and live your life!
Sent From KR44's iPhone