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10 Ways to Deny the Recession from The Entrepreneur Magazine Iphone App!

10 Ways to Deny the RecessionI saw a bumper sticker the other day that said "Refuse to Participate in the Recession."  I have no idea if that driver had a job or was looking for one, but he was obviously electing to make the most of the challenges he faced.Many say the U.S. economy is still in a recession based on the fact that unemployment is still high and consumers are continuing to temper their spending habits--two elements that define a recession. However, anyone with the desire to be an entrepreneur has to have the attitude of my friend with the bumper sticker.So how does an entrepreneur succeed in a recession?Become Indispensable
In a tricky economy, it's natural for people to want to protect the security they still have. In the service industry, one way to prove that your product or service is part of the solution is to point out the consequences that could occur if the service was not around. Try "secret shopping" your customers and document the outcome…

What A Vast Majority of you Women need to Realize!!

acting crazy isnt the way to get your way!!some women have it in their deranged heads that talking crazy to a dude putting him down works on us when it doesnt there are tons of men out there who do that to women as well belittle them make them think they are worthless or will never find another man blah blah blah but honestly as an old friend of mine always says every pot has a lid!!!with that being said nothing is worse than telling a grown man what he has or what he has time for ill admit working in retail is tough its demanding most times when you hit me up I will be working but dont use my career my work ethic my man hood as a cop out of being scared of the kind of man I am and the kind of man ill become see I grow each day on learning how to treat people women especially and I think my learning curve has made some tremendous turns for the better see the thing is with me although im not that old im my grandfathers mental in this body ive seen it all done it all after living with a…

Jeezy All White everything Tm 103!!

U ain't Never Had a Friend Like Me!

I'd give my team my niggas the shirt off my back I'd give my girly
heart my life shit even sign my check over when they say they don't
make niggaz like they used to they aren't lying when I'm
Down for u your enemies my enemies u can't talk bad about someone I'm
down with in front of me that's how I ride so why do so many bitch
made people cross a real nigga?Sent From KR44's iPhone

All White Everything Theme With all white Iphone!

Match made in heaven search in Cydia under Yair

Notification Lockscreen best invention ever!

Weather email
Reply to text Twitter all that from your iPhone lockscreen truely
remarkable in Cydia search it lock info is the name

As I sit here And Think Haters motivate ME!

As I sit here bumpin Nipsey Hussle Here goes nothing it really is all
money in no money out and what I mean by that it's go hard in the
paint so we can get what we want in life God Willing your with it or
against it I've had the biggest heart looking out for fake people and
I lightweight feel disappointed in myself for being gullable and not
seeing that not everyone is like me people take advantage of people
like me who try to see good in all so I'm here to tell you bitch made
niggas who ain't got my back but I had yours you can run u cab hide u
can talk shit all day but your in a situation where you needed my
Help I ain't track u down my lifes just fine without you in it and as
for the I drink too much comment yup
I get money 7 days a week it's all BASIC how would you feel bruh you
work 12 hours u come home
Me my girl and kids are
Posted in your house like you pay the rent watching your cable
Bill you Just paid 976 On not too mention I gotta be up early a…

Bullshit Jobs LOL

Yooo I must have a stamp on me that says will work for bullshit all
these people see my personality and are like interested in a job of
course I love earning my living so since I work alot it's always some
bullshit time for a waste of my time off top those MLm aka multi level
marketing jobs are Bs in my opinion never in my life have I paid to
make money except for when Insold weed in high school lmao cmon now
why do I have to give you 300 for some papers that will supposedly
make me paper that I'm not seeing if anything y'all should advance me
a check for pushing your bullshit product line I never wanna hear it
will be awhile before you make money cause then I gotta be
unbrofessional and leave your meeting without saying bye LolSent From EntreProNegro's iPhone

See I'm Down With Angelinos Lol

Check out the Halos Edge at the Top next to Fly $ Priceless still go
Dodgers though

September 7th Presents Lakers 2010 The Bigg Payback 2 Back

My Iphones all Kim Everything LMAO!




First Iphone 3GS Theme!

That's Right 3GS upgraded because the white iPhone 4 isn't dropping
till late summer so I'll be content with my 32gb 3gs till then this
themes called Vitality Mixed with Glass Orb Color all available via
Cydia Or Rock love the phone and iPod icons!

Game Hustlin Champions Anthem Dedicated to my Lakers Back to Back yup!

All I know is it can never be said I'm not a Real Nigga!

So the homie bounced today and his fam no call no thank u no nothing
food clothes all that shit I'm happy he's gone but feel I deserved
better opened my private home to you and yours for 3 weeks didn't ask
you for a penny a nigga could of called but all I know is God bless
the child that can hold their own and I learned a valuable lesson
about myself yes in very giving but also naive think dude realized he
wore out his welcome and I thank the Lord that even though I got the
short end of the stick I was blessed and had a big enough heart to let
a dude I haven't seen in years in Praise God! 100Sent From My iPhone

Not trying to be RUDE but if U have bad Hygiene keep it moving!

Simple and straight to the point blog tonight folks if u can't take
care of your dam teeth how u gonna take care of me?point blank period
a heart is much harder work and takes tlc to mend please live etc so
if your mouth looks like you been chewing on beer bottles should I
walk away or run?and I'm sorry if I offend it's the truth we are only
given one body in life and if u don't care for your mouth 9/10 you
don't care for your puss either how I look holding hands with a woman
like that the views in this blog are my opinion and I'm not trying to
lower self esteem I wanna build y'all up anyone reading this there are
a few rare MEN out there attracted to a smile over ass in their face
and of were blessed enough to take it there I want my wifey to talk
nasty to me now how rude am I if i ask you to keep your mouth shut
during sex?might mess up my erection Chunk chunkin up the Dueces!!!!!!!
I'm Tyriq and I approve this message the word of the week …

My Fave Track Off Drakes Thank Me Later Karaoke shows his talent FOR REAL!

Happy Birthday 2pac My Fave Interview he ever did IMa Get DRUNK cause UH thats what Niggaz do LOL!

Check Out Ice Cubes Son OMG hes nice on the mic too!

Its Only Fitting after a Laker Win I hit you with the West Coast we do it so Well video by Mc Eiht!

Ode to Los Angeles By My Brody Angeleno Life Real Talk I Love LA!

Los Angeles. I love my city and most of Southern CA. After all I was born here and not to mention I'm a third generation Angeleno(rare I know). Now that I've been to other states I can see the culture differences. I will say this, besides New York I would have to say this is the second most hated city in America. I also love O.C. Specially cuz thy have my baseball team but the people I can't stand or the imposters. They know who they are. They come here with their racist points of views and their way it's supposed to be. Those art the one's that get under my skin. You have the nerve to come to my city and bring your sick twisted beliefs here. Fuck you! First of all I'm from here. When you were back in your shitty ass town or country picking fruit, milking cows, or whatever the fuck you did. I was here in Los Angeles. I was here before you're stupid ass even seen this shit on MTV.(if you even got that in your shit town)! My parents are from here and so are t…

If you want a true chance at LOVE gotta let the internet shit GO!

Let's all face it men and women alike love attention who doesn't Right
but not all attention is good attention especially if your on a site
known for hooking up u can't have both even if your dudes not on there
it may get back to him then guess what your single it basically comes
down to a infant mentality if you think your gonna meet someone better
than a dude u love u might be looking for awhile I don't know any real
man or woman that will stand for their dude or
Chick flirting or being on some hoe shit is it too much to ask of your
significant other to devote that time and energy to you?that's why
I've always liked Twitter the best it's not focused on hookups like
myspace and other sites or facebook focused on the past reunite with
high schoolers why so they can ask to borrow money?lol I'm good But
Twitter was perfect for me because I'm very random and I could go on
and tweet random thoughts most of my
Audience was female although I had…

Real Men embrace a Treal Female we don't Run!

Ladies Ladies u got it all messed up u think a real mans afraid of you
and nope we embrace you with open arms you just make the mistake
thinking all dudes are the same see I'm one of them dudes u get or
don't get I call it like I see it if I feel your calling texting
talking too much I'll tell you and to some that rubs u the wrong way
your used to blowing up a dudes phone he never answers then makes up a
story so as I sit here listening to eminem not afraid after my lakers
lost I'm screaming I'm not afraid see a real woman is persistent
without being annoying where u have me confused is I've already met
and Been with a real woman 6 years no cheating not even looking at
another chick I think u chicks meet a dude scared of committment not
me I embrace it love it I love having my woman as my only lover best
friend and knowing any war turmoil I go thru in life I'm not alone and
I'm not afraid so recognize a grown man respect it and talk to me

Why I love being a Capricorn it's work over Bullshit hahaha!

We been doing work lately 45-55-65 hours and it feels good to go out
on Friday night and toast to the fact that with Gods blessing we got
our own feel me?someone said they don't believe we popping Cristal
made me laugh inside outside and LOL 97 percent of the time when
people get at one of my phones I'm working I don't have any drug
habits so how can't I afford cris and why would I waste my time to
send you a pic lmao that's the lil kid mentality I'm trying to
distance myself from it's all money in no money out walk with me now
fly with me later till I die and if you questionnmy lifestyle that's
why your not in it my thing is fuck everybody who used to be down but
ain't down no more if u wanna hit my phone to talk shit keep it to
yourself I'm doing it my way in a legit way and give a fuck what a
hater gotta say ask yourself if u hate what I'm doing so much why am I
in your phone?I just wish negative people would leave me be I…

Whoever says this isnt the greatest video of all time is MISTAKEN!

I remember MJ videos like would interrupt tv as like a special event like dam you and your mama watch the Michael Jackson video at 5 last night(5 West Coast 8 east Coast)and I remember recording this particular video on my vcr and learning all the dances from it and doing it for my mom sisters and aunties and I put the lean part as my wallpaper on my ipod touch tonight so I had to remember the good times once again and watching this video brought all that back Rest in Peace to the Greatest entertainer ive ever seen you were the first concert i went to as a baby michael jackson bad tour in 88 and youll never be forgotten(entrepronegro)

Crack....>>>Download Eminem feat Lil Wayne Love (Prod Just Blaze) mp3

Download Drake Tim Westwood Freestyle (06 10) mp3

Forgot to Post the Best of the Best Mixtape out My Bad!

here we go again is in heavy rotation in my car house ipod all that fave song right now!

Download Mixtape | Free Mixtapes Provided by

Download The Slauson Boyz Stayin Alive mp3

My last Iphone 3g theme!


you know I gotta get the Caucasian one what yall think?

Bone Thugs rebirth Video

Chris Brown Tyga Dueces Video

Im gonna Be ME regardless of what YOU want me to be!

was put on this planet to do whats best in my mamas eyes in my opinion and what my mama always taught me was be yourself no matter what there is no need to be anyone but yourself and people will love you for you because at the end of the day all you can do is you feel me?I cant do skinny jeans cuz that aint me I cant mess with every female on the planet cuz that aint me I cant chase people down for a sale at work cuz that aint me its funny how when business is slow jobs get on you about minor things thats bad business your supposed to build up in business not tear down honestly that person may not be doing anything different than what they have been doing its just slow we make assumptions in business assumptions in life one of the craziest assumptions of me is because i get love from women that im a hoe see my thing is real recognize real and regardless of classy or a chickenhead women love a real dude a dude thats not afraid to be him and doesnt care what you think women also love a …

New Nip Hussle Feat Lloyd Feelin Myself Fire!!

At Some Point We Gotta GROW UP!

The views in this blog are NOT subject to the audience Approval only
Mine TYRIQ haha
So I'm on the freeway banging Bishop Lamont Grow Up a classic and
stuff he says in the song like 36 on Crenshaw trying to bust a bitch u
think you Chris Brown but you look like Keith Sweat Bitch make me
laugh but the song is so relevant dudes be having wifes families at
home out cruising for lil girls if this was your mental why get
married?and at some point when your getting older you gotta wear
clothes that fit you I'm not saying skinny jeans cuz my knots don't
fit but just your size ladies find the dudes in a 5x and he's a large
attractive?as adults as well part of growing up is letting the past go
why are you still talking about 16 years ago like it still happened
learn from the past don't live in it!Most of all the Ladies how are you wifey material at 29 with a pic of
your ass in a thong as your default GROW UP wifey material to me is
exclusive not community that a…

Riq-ology 101 dating!

We've all done it scrolled the phone deleted people like dam I'm glad
I never fucked with them lmfao and then there are those hmmmm WTF was
I thinking types haha instant delete but what I've found in my dating
life is u can't be on that grown man tip dating a immature lil girl
like and age has nothing to do with it Ladies can you believe there
are girls that question me when I say I like to work as it says on my
voicemail I keep my money coming in never going out you can't be like
me dating a chick who works at the family dollar part time she has way
too much free time on her hands!and long distance I'm talking the
other side of the world won't work especially if it's one sided
anything can work if your eyes are on the prize but if it's one sided
he'll naw!I'm into the one girl relationships where we talk text
throughout the day and our lifestyles are similar I mean no one lives
like me but it can be close I'm not into that …

One Love!?!

We all search for it we all have it we all remember our first we all
want that one unconditional love right?my question is why the one
thing we all feel we need in life is love but why is it that we feel
this way every persons interpretation of what love is is different so
why do certain people feel their life is incomplete you got a good job
car house all you need is a man?not true all you need is you!life to
me is about choices and not always is a person being single mean
something is wrong with them did u ever think that person is allergic
to bullshit sees it from a mile away and separates themselves from the
fake I think that we as adults we've all been hurt and we earn the
right to have our guards up on that note it's our perogative to love
at our own pace despite others judgments I'm so sick of the you sound
to good to be true what's wrong with you no what's wrong with you I'm
fine I just make strategic impervious moves I'm not gonna be w…

iPhone 4g 199 for 16gb 299 for 32gb

Sent From My iPhone 
iPhone 4G Rumor Roundup.

Are you excited about the fourth revision of the iPhone likely to be announced by Steve Jobs next week at WWDC? We are. The iPhone 4 rumors started with a bathroom iPhone 4g back in April. Who knew that would blow up and become widely known as a real prototype when Gawker Media bought it and disassembled it. Since then the rumors have been relentless. 5MP camera by LG capable of HD video capture? If the first 4th gen iPhone wasn't convincing enough another one showed up... these prototypes seem to be everywhere! The rumors continued with possibleFacebook integration10 million CDMA iPhones ordered, and the 4th gen iPhone coming to Sprint. Two 4th gen iPhones showing up in the wild weren't enough because pictures of a white one evenutally appeared, and appeared again, and then appeared again. And still we have had more rumors! Google Latitude might be working on the 4th gen, the iPhone's screen will have an awesome amount of pixe…

Android on iPhone? says YES!

Sent From My iPhone 
Android Ported to iPhone 2G/3G
So Apple's iPhone OS is /pretty/ awesome, but if you're up for a change or just feeling plain adventuresome why not boot Android? David Wong aka Dev Team member planetbeing has accomplished the incredible task of running Google's Android OS on both the iPhone 2G & 3G. What's more he released his results to the world allowing anyone to do it. Clickhere for iPhone 2G. Click here for iPhone 3G. Oh, don't forget to check out the video interview of David talking about Android on the iPhone.

Real Men Stand the FLuck UP!

Being a real man isnt hard at all its actually a choice you gotta wake up and decide like look how im living is foul how im moving is weak how im handling my business is fabricated if you look in the mirror and you see a fulgazzi Donnie Brasco voice its not too late to change YES you cannot change that you beat your wife YES you cannot change the fact that you thought you were Ursher one day on your confession tip and decided to make babies on the side YES you cannot change the fact that youve lived off women your whole life but what you can change is the outcome and your mentality on the way you thinking at some point as a man you have to get tired of bumming off chicks having no car no gas no job at some point you have to stop ducking child support a real man stands up head high and accepts it for what it is hiding being a liar is no way to live and with that said a real Father is the best gift you can give to the world see us Children who dont have real Fathers grow into these men …

To Me Lifes all about putting yourself in the Position you want With Gods Blessing!

So I did a common thing in an uncommon way last night my homie I went
to high school with and his 2 kids and wifey been staying with me so
without thinking I had a few old E in me lol I locked my door he
doesn't have a key so I go to the bathroom like 6 am look out the
window and I see his car parked next to mine with people in I'm like
OH SHIT so he slept in his car I felt like shit about that so I had to
come here and vent although he's been taken my kindness for weakness
I've got a heart and he has two little kids so I've felt terrible all
day but honestly that's my friend we go back he has himself in that
position and real nigga-ology 101 taught me that I'm supposed to pick
my Brody up when he's down but if he doesn't wanna help himself how
can I?he's been living at my house a week and hasn't even looked at a
place to live he got a jobby job he starts Tuesday so me being who I
am I take that as a victory!Sent From My iPhone

I'm down on the Floor I'm in my Suite it's gonna be sweet to watch the Lakers Repeat!

Last nights game was turnt up and Kobe was as advertised well worth
the 2400 a ticket to get it lol I know Boston will most likely make it
a series but it's still put they ass in a coffin after the 34-48
seasons people screaming the Clippers are the best team in La to Kobe
possibly going to Chicago it's good to be on top again as any
franchise has it's ups and downs rebuilding I vow to be a lifetime
Laker I bleed purp n gold some people like teams for the best players
put 5 dudes from the courts in Venice Beach out there I'm still
cheering them on see y'all at the parade down Figueroa!Sent From My iPhone

More Factual Actual Capricorn/Virgo perfect match Thanks Ms Vegas Lol

Virgo with Capricorn
With these two signs there are some similarity and compatibility. They are both very exacting. This stops many areas of disagreement. they both take great pride in appearance and surroundings. They can find a friend in each other , when the outside world is to much to cope with. This Mercury-Sun combination should find mutual grounds for an agreeable partnership.

Sent From My iPhone 

Lake Show 2010 Cleveland or Boston Glad we playing Boston put they ass in a Coffin hahaha!

Brandi Kane The DopeMans Daughter My Fave Mixtape right now!

Talented South Central Mc right here my fave track is Nothing shes deep and really spits check it out!

Download Mixtape | Free Mixtapes Provided by

Kali the Coast A must download for hip Hop heads check it out!

Lakers vs Celtics Revisited

For those like me looking for revenge from the 08 heartbreak this is
our time I said months ago via Twitter the Parade comes thru downtown
Los Angeles were not the same as 08 no weak ass Vlad Rad aka Vladamir
Radmonovic snowboarder lmfao Big Bynum although not 100 percent gives
us another big man but most importantly I hear the hunger in Kobes
voice like it's 95 Purp n Gold for life

Mt Dew Battery

I couldn't live without mt dew so I fucks with it lmao!

Mac Orbz!!

Clean as hell looks like a MacBook check it out it's one of the
highest rating themes in Rock

Theme Called Sista

It's pretty clean found this in Rock doesn't change your text colors
or anything but mixed with another theme ie MacBook final looks pretty
dope of course my name as the carrier is courteousy of MIM aka Make it
Mine in Cydia

It's crazy lifes ups and downs bring things full circle!

This past week has opened my eyes alot as to who I am as a man and how
giving I can be my homie I haven't seen in at least 10 years calls me
and says worse case scenario can me and my family come stay with you I
said sure lil did I know what it was his wifey and 2 young kids and
for a bachelor that's used to doing as he pleases whenever he wants
this was a change for me and to do it for my homeboy even though I
haven't seen him in years shows me myself who I am I didn't ever think
I had that in me to give ya know?I mean when your an adult your
mentality is if I wanted kids I'd have them right?and although it's
been for the most part a nuisance it feels good that God has blessed
me to be in a position to help others because beneath all the jokes
laughs good times and money making I'm a good genuine dude I just hope
my homeboy is blessed to rise from this situation on top and get his
life back in action I know what it's like to sleep in my c…