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My Phones alot Lighter minus the Twitter apps aka Bullshit lol!

Actually no issues for me with Twitter in my 6 months on there had
some laughs some funny times met some cool ass people there just comes
a time in a grown mans life where u gotta put your focus 100 percent
on the task at hand need one woman in my life not 1900 followers like
I had feel me?my woman first career next travel the world and open my
eyes and my network to new avenues and I'm sure I'll be missed on
Twitter but this stage of my life I'm focused on me and mine
continuosly grind my new found focus I'll have my M6 in 6 months watch
me shine Trick lol

Virgo Capricorn Match Sounds pretty intense thanks Stacy :)

A Virgo individual is as realistic in his approach as a Capricorn and both of them have a very level-headed personality. They can be easily relied upon, are totally dependable and have a mature outlook. They do differ, but basically in the way they put their thinking into action. The Goat prefers to plan much ahead in life. He is meticulous in his planning and scrupulous in its execution. He moves slowly, but steadily, and in the end, he always manages to reach the goal before everyone else. A Virgo relies more on efforts and skills, than on the planning part.   Both of them are so serious in their behavior that they may forget to have some moments of fun and romance in their relationship. So, they will need to make a conscious effort to ensure that monotony doesn't set in their love match. A Capricorn moves ahead in life, with just one aim in life - to get to the top. What better person to help the Goat in his endeavor than the painstaking Virgo. Together, a Virgo and a Capricorn…

Why people take my Kindness for weakness?

First off if u looked out for me when I was a kid how do I owe u as a
grown man? I'll look out for people out to look out for me
But there is a difference between that and taking advantage I mean dam
in high school u was the man homie what the fuck happen to you nigga I
came from nothing so I do need anything just let a nigga breathe i've
showed niggaz love the past 10 years and got nothing in return bruh
all I need is my real friends my wifey and to make money that's it see
me don't see yourself and let a nigga BREATHE!

Back on my Pac Shiiii lol

Since the jailbreak for 3.1.3 software on the iPhone came out I ran
with it again and found myself back with the 2pac theme in rock mixed
with the snow leopard theme love these icons also found a cool app
called random ring where u can randomize all your iPhone ringtones ðNðN

Staring at the World Thru My Rearview!

U don't have to like me feel free to hate on me do what you gotta do
my soul purpose in life is to protect my family live my life in Gods
plan and be SUCCESSFUL that's it you don't like me I don't care I just
gotta do what i'm supposes to to get where I wanna get that's it I
don't need another man to tell me how to do me I'm grown and jealousy
gets you nowhere be thankful for what you have the blessings and do
what you gotta to stay blessed that's it thank you Lord for life the
air I breathe and everything you've given me
Starin at the World thru my rearview

Quote of the Decade better yet LIFE

I never compete against the competition. The only one I compete against is myself, because one day I will beat the competition and then who will I compete against?

My Definition of a Real Man 101 part 1

First off when it comes to
Being a man in a monogamous relationship we have to learn to forgive
and forget a real man doesn't hold grudges use things against his
woman for a reason to cheat look if you wanna cheat be single period
women are gonna get at you regardless it's part of being a man to know
what you want in life don't string people along tell it like you see
it.we make women insecure when we play games and honestly they take it
out on the next the woman that's the look thru your phone smell your
dick type was created why cause some dude played the game when he just
could of told it like it was from jump u don't have to lie to kick it
old school line but true in 2010!You have to learn to love unconditionally that meaning love your lady
for her perfections and imperfections no one is perfect and you
certainly aren't so who the fuck are you to judge?this is why I feel
the number of people you been with question is stupid you don't know

story behind Tupac Against all odds its deep!

What many may not realize, is that Shakur implicated more people in the shooting than just Biggie and Puff Daddy (now known as P Diddy). In the song "Against All Odds", he confesses and drops names on several other people, including Jimmy Henchman, King Tut (aka Walter Johnson), and Haitian Jack. Jimmy Henchman is a music manager who has ties with Bad Boy Records. Word on the streets is that Henchman secured a deal between Bad Boy Records and BMF (Black Mafia Family), in which BMF would fund Bad Boy and help Diddy start his label, in exchange for protection (muscle) and paid royalties. King Tut and Haitian Jack were both affiliated with BMF. Haitian Jack was the codefendant in Tupac's sexual abuse case, while King Tut had approached Tupac a few years earlier while on the set for the movie Above the Rim. Tut had allegedly tried to pressure 2pac into signing with Bad Boy. So Tupac had suspected that Haitian Jack had set him up with the rape case, and that the woman who acc…

Open usage of the word NIGGA on the rise!

Rap made it cool dating niggas made it cooler more and more peoples
pages are saying niggas ain't shit and people are calling each other
niggas that aren't even black me personally I'm proud to be a Nigga
(Never Ignorant Getting Goals Accomplished) as the late great Tupac
Shakur said with that being said I also love being a black man I'm
proud of where I'm from and what we've become as a people so when
someone Caucasian calls me a nigga I laugh because that word came out
of straight ignorance and the person calling me nigga that's not what
society considers a nigga is the ignorant one real spit!my thing is
this do you sit at your upper class dinner table eating crumpets
drinking tea calling mommy and daddy nigga NO and it goes back to what
I always say BE YOuRSelf just cause u date niggas doesn't mean you
need to be one yourself yes Niggas aren't shit Niggas have held us
down as a people for centuries and you niggas that's letting th…

My Iphone Theme of the Week!

I don't wanna hear you got the Wet Wet I wanna hear you Got a Brain Brain!

If you follow me on twitter you know I tweeted this earlier today and
it's the truth I like a woman that inspires me and I inspire her
nothing is more sexy to me than a educated handle her business woman
for real so many females make the mistake of turning the new meeting
of a guy u want instantly sexual then when they are only used for
sexual favors it's a problem u only use me for head or sex well hey
guess what within those first 5 text u started talking about your
vajay jay that's all a mans gonna think?97.9 percent of men think with
their dicks anyway females need to take it old school make
Me work for it!I've learned all in life is better when you earned it!
if your wondering why you can't find a good
Man take a look at what u said how u acted and evaluate what you did
wrong if you make a dude earn your love he's most likely gonna stay
around think about
It!Sent From My iPhone

Jailbreak Iphone 3.1.3 software actually works thanks LT

iPad & iPhone OS 3.1.3 Jailbreak "Spirit" Released
Written by Mike Melanson / May 3, 2010 6:44 AM / 8 Comments « Prior Post Next Post »
For some of you, your brand new iPhone 3GS came with the newest OS 3.1.3. For others, you unknowingly upgraded your OS without realizing what it would mean. Either way, we know that you've been stuck obediantly following the terms of your license agreement and running only authorized apps. Well, those days are finally over.

A new jailbreak called Spirit just been released and works on the latest iPhone and iPad operating systems.

The latest jailbreak was announced late last night on the iPhone Dev-Team blog.

The Spirit jailbreak is now out! Congratulations to @comex for the first userland jailbreak since the 1.x days.
Spirit provides an untethered jaibreak on those newer devices which used to require a computer nearby to finish the boot process. Spirit is able to do this because it doesn't actually kick in until after the kernel is run…

Check out this definition of Entrepronegro!

1.entrepronegro3 up2 downbuy entrepronegro mugs, tshirts and magnets entrepreneur: noun 
origin: french 
definition: one who assumes the risk of a business or an enterprise 

entrepronegro: noun 
origin: street 
definition: one who creates opportunity when one does not exist 
An "entrepronegro" does not have the luxury to assume the risk of a business and/or enterprises because he and/or she does not have access to the resources an "entrepreneur" would. Therefore the term "entrepronegro" is earned solely from a burning desire, creative genius, and laser focus that it takes to see ones dream become a profitable reality using little to no resources. 

Lewis Lattimer: entrepronegro, Inventor 
Tyler Perry: entrepronegro, TPS Studios 
Sean Carter: entrepronegro, Rocafella Records 
Bejamin E. Mays: entrepronegro, Educator 
David Anderson: entrepronegro, Entrepronegro International 
Reginald Lewis: entrepronegro, Beatrice Corporation 
Curtis Jackson: entrepronegro, …

This is the Killer TRUTH!

I've reached my life Crossroads lol

My attitude is turnt up to the max way passed fuck it honestly there
is no point in getting upset about nonsense we were born to die and
I'm just gonna roll with the punches I recently switched to one bill
with Verizon for my home Fios Internet tv home phone and my verizon
wireless phone and the one I got for my mom my last bill was 976.00
Fuck it I can't take it with me but I can die being in debt into
verizon so Fuck it who cares why not live the life I want added a
blackberry to my AT&T fuck it my bills gonna be over 200 a month who
cares I bust my ass 40-65 hours a week I earned it that's why u see my
hat bent in full grind mode we gets it in face it if you didn't have
bills u wouldn't get up for work on days like this you would stay home
And do nothing so why stress over some dam bills bills were made for
one thing to make money so here is my crossroads mentality make more
money than what they bill u then they can't tell you shit be legit

Got a Good Woman on your side RUN with it!

Yoooooo God Bless the good real
Down genuine women out there the woman that u want to come home to
love hold take care of when she's sick make sure she's ok!I'm talking
about the females that don't care about moey what you drive where u
been only where your going and they wanna know can they come with you!
that's whats up at the end of the day if you have true love fuck all
that other shit!so many chicks look at a dude like what can he do for
me?and you have to ask yourself what can we do for we it's old and
cliche but there is no I in WE!there are some real good genuine ass
chicks in the world and I thank y'all because all the bullshit you've
been thru the lies the games them empty promises so on and so forth
you still stayed in your lane and true to yourself and what you
believe in and in my opinion you deserve a muthafuckin crown a ring a
car a house you deserve the world and believe me that real man in your
life will give u all that and …

The Picture sums me up 500 percent!

An Inspirational Woman is a Keeper!

The biggest thing in life that a man needs besides $ a car and
multiple orgasms is a good woman in his corner a woman that will
inspire him support his moves his ideas his dreams his inspiration and
the best way to find this is find a woman on that similar grind my
whole life right now is the walk with me now fly with me later tip
meaning I'm working hard now Barely walking like I'm a newborn but I'm
about to reach that flying tip first class to Europe like it's nothing
and who better to fly with than in the company of my lovely wifey
let's spend our precious time inspiring each other to get where we
wanna get then the rest is history feel me?you gotta understand that
when I grind work roll drive my car take a shit it's not just for me
it's for us and it takes a hell of a woman to get this concept so many
women are on the what have you done for me lately tip and are clingy
expecting greedy etc I don't like them types I like the down to eart…

I got the Best Most Shocking Advice Ever!!!

and it was from my pops see my pops has known my mom longer than me he was married to her so as I was frustrated with the huge arguement my mom and sister started with me the other day i called my pops which is usually a text once a month relationship and for the first time in my life I made my father silent when I explained to him the kind of man I am he didnt know what to say even though im a grown man we are just getting to know each other feel me but God Blessed me with the best advice ive heard in years and it was from an unlikely source so you think it was meant to be I Do!!?

My pops basically said you cant make the world happy but all you can do is do you give that 500 percent show you love them but keep it short and sweet a once a week call I love you hope all is well have a good week and honestly thats a pure unadulterated Genius plan with my family see they love drama they love to bs they love to be in peoples business that way short and sweet is right to the point and i stil…
It don't matter where your from how you come what color race religion sex lack of sex whatever you are just be you do you and the rest is history forgive forget love hate move on with your life the could of would of should of doesn't matter all we have is this right now the present let's make the best of it let by gons be by gons and continue to move on whether as a team or if you do your dirt all by your lonely all you can be is the best you and that's what real SWAG is just remember to smile thru all the Bullshit you never know who's watching my best advice is look at yourself like a 401 k a brand a system a new innovative idea and how you sell your brand is all up to you if you wanna sell out the yay house or the corporate offices of your own shit you run be a CEO or a crack hoe don't matter it's your brand define it to the max!

Sent from my Iphone

Family Teaches Us the Ultimate Lessons!

So I've been on my grind hard things went bad for my business for a
minute so I had to get out there grind it out in order to stay afloat
with that said I've been goin in workin 60 50 45 hours a week feel me
well I get a ignorant text from my 19 year old sister saying where is
moms Mothers Day card I had to do for both of us it's not fair and yea
your right my mom deserves a card plus some but not once did they ask
what's up with me how I've been see lately my family has been the talk
to you on a need to talk basis I bought my mom a phone on my verizon
account like 2 years ago and when she calls it's usually about that
and that's it no how's life nada so these text kinda pissed me off I'm
human what do you expect and off top my mom assumed the worst in me
and I'll tell you why all the men ever in my moms life with the
exception of myself have done her dirty hurt her in some kind of way
and not until yesterday did I realize that my m…


So I ask my self what exactly is swagger because so many people claim
they are full of swag?got so much swag throw it in the bag lol!I was
told today buy another man I met once my swag my whole demeanor is top
notch and not tooting my own horn I just carry myself my own way my
own is keywords I'm not trying to be anyone else just me and I think
that's what swag is believing in you and just doing you I don't wanna
be anyone but my own person far from perfect but I'm
Willing to learn from my mistakesSent From My iPhone

If you Shine I wanna Shine with you!

See so many in the relationship
Game think it's all about the sex you divide and conquer till you get
the ass then you think you can lock shit down like you own it?!yes the
pussy may be yours but that doesn't mean you clip your significant
others wings and stop them from blossoming into what they wanna be the
biggest part of a relationship to me is communication and support
probaly support more because I'm very ambitious and if your a buzkill
everytime I wanna make an impervious move ask me why I wanna be around
you?I've dreamt of running my own business being successful ever since
I grew up poor so who the Fuck are you to stop my shine yea I want a
family I want kids I want u as my wife but let me get to where I wanna
get then all that will fall into place if your truely LOVE someone
their happiness their well being their SHINE comes before all your
wants needs and selfishness that's love and if you can't see putting
them before yourself and genuin…

I Could Never Lose!

You only got 1 shot in this life and if you don't believe in yourself
as a man you can not win at life to me life is about loving those that
want to be loved respected those worthy of respect and treating people
how I want to be treated you do these things and are yourself you
could never lose with me what you see is what you get I guarantee some
laughs some fun times and deep convo when my brains in that other
format if I'm not the best man that I can be at life what's my purpose?!Sent From My iPhone

Wamo up and outta nowhere shut down guess what Pittsburgh there is an alternative!

shoutout to Mr Ron Atkinson for staying in his lane after working for Wamo for years he has taken the Entrepronegro route and set up his own shop and im excited for not only myself but for him see I will be doing sales marketing and advertising for the company as of today May 6th 2010 and its a blessing not too many places out there in a part time job can you make 30 percent commission I only make 10 percent in my main job and this is something thats gonna sell itself the pittsburgh market has no hip hop or rnb station right now since wamo was sold and the internet radio is the way of the future via iphone blackberry apps you can listen in your car you home bathroom hot tub etc!

so I think its pure unadulterated genius to give people what they want and at the same time make an honest living check out the websites no matter where you are

check the websites out here

and if your looking to promote your business small business home entertainment event c…

Finally Finally a Lowrider Iphone theme with my own lil twist on it :)

props to cydia for this one I never use cydia im a rock fan because its faster but this theme goes and if you love impalas like me then you will appreciate this one to the max I have it blended with the ultimate nexus one theme I like the twidroid icon and the messages icon they are similiar to my droid so I dont get confused in my old age lmao if you like this open cydia then search Lowrider download install its that simple!

I think I'm at the Grown Man Crossroads!

I remember the days when myspace and the Internet was fun it was cool
to chop game with people on the other side of the world but some
thirsty for dicks and attention ass females ruined that for me and
I'll tell you what I'm thankful
For that because it made me put the bullshit aside and look inside
myself and really see what kind of man I am and to value my
relationship not take it for granted I like the people in my life I
hold dearest to my heart not the fake who wouldn't be down for me in
any kind of situation and I think we as adults take them for granted
when's the last time you thought to yourself dam if it came down to it
and I needed bailed out of jail who would have your back?to me that
seperates the real from the fake think about it!Sent From My iPhone