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Game Red Room Mixtape Download Support good music!

dont sleep on this mixtape and I just wanna say Kanary Diamonds goes real hard for real check her out Cali Love!

Ice Cube I Rep that West Single!

def banger of the week probaly my most anticipated single release of the year ever since I put the behind the scenes for the video on this blog I been wanting it then I paid a visit to Cubes myspace the other day and seen it was on there and had a stomach ache lol nevertheless its out on you can purchase it for 1.29 i did last night and its already my ringtone on my iphone you know how I roll but anyway go to the website break out your credit card and purchase this classic I would upload it here but I got the utmost respect for Cube and if you want his shit BUY IT WEST UP!

I wanna ask the GROWN women a real question

Why is it that when you meet a dude he's respectful accepts you for
who you are loves you for you pure unconditional love is it that your
1st instinct is to run or get insecure like always think something is
wrong etc like dude is with you for a reason although your used to
relationshits not relationships why does it Always have to negative
did you ever think that God is love and that love is God it's ok to be
genuinely in love with a dude there is no timetable chart or map that
says your falling too soon be yourself is all that a real man ask of u
if I wanted u to be someone else I'd be with someone else if you
believe in yourself first then you can believe in your relationship
the where u at who you with blah blah blah females do not believe in
themselves the I know my mans coming home to me types believe and if
you believe you can achieve real genuine happiness!Sent From My iPhone

That Girl that Makes you want to delete all your Lady Contacts :)

Yoooo I don't know how many contacts the iPhone holds but I'm at 65
And that includes 58 business contacts and some family can't tell you
the rest but I will tell you this when you have that person that you
think of and you smile that's a keeper just thinking of them makes u
happy that's a good sign and the best part of it is your past their
past doesn't matter you got butterflies happy they are in your life!
and the crazy part she's cool she's chill and isn't all insecure about
who you got she Knows what she's got and that's all that matters and
even though she's as cocky as you are you both know you are blessed to
have finally met each other yoooo that's how it should be the romance
shouldn't stop once you get some it should keep going stronger once
you get some it's like u got that bond then it's more than sex that's
why u gotta go hard or go home
When she gives her body all to you feel me?when you find you…

Mc Eiht All Starz and Straps 2 download

ok another story number 20 is the banger on this had to come re-edit and put that out there i listened to it 4 times in a row lol

01) Can't change my mind
02) You see what's in my hand
03) You get shot
04) Paybac
05) You know we g's
06) What we do
07) Give me some
08) Bury u niggas
09) Just a minute
10) I get around
11) Get it bac
12) Aint that simple
13) Dat's me
14) Cpt 4 real
15) Cpt all day
16) Everybody get high
17) Y'all aint tight
18) Ride on em
19) What does it all mean
20) West up 2010
21) City niggas
22) Another story
23) So well (bonus track)

if you been a Mc eiht since you were a kid like me then u need this in your collection I wish he went in more on the Cant it be all so simple Wu Tang beat but number 12 Cpt 4 real is my fave once you hear the beat youll know why haha WEST WEST!

The Pittsburgh Steelers are about to be Pro Black hate on it Racist!

So my homeboy plays semi pro ball and he said at Practice some dudes
said hey brother I know your happy about the steelers black coach now
3 black quarterbacks lmfao 1st off he's light skinned but he's puerto
rican u ignorant fucks second he's not your brother third he's from
New York so WTF he care about the steelers for lol I've lived in the
city of Pittsburgh and I won't say the city itself is racist it's the
outside suburbs that aren't even close to allegheny county that wanna
claim Pittsburgh are look just because u go to a few games your not in
the city you dam hick and it's 2010 color doesn't matter as a steeler
fan u should be for what's better for your team not the players color
the Lakers could be all green with red hair and I'm still riding for
my team small minds have small pockets 1955 is how long ago this isn't
segregation it's black is beautifultation in the words of the late
great James Brown I'm …

Yall Chase Hoes I Chase $ clothes and things to match those lol!

first off no clue why I picked this pic to use but I did so walk with me now fly with me later ok well the chase the pursuit of a orgasm is probaly the dumbest thing in my opinion to chase after all your penis erupts for a reason right?I get that everyone wants that settle down type and chasing her isnt an issue but there are some chumps out here that chase every woman cock block their man so they can have all the women right and its crazy how some dudes whole mentality switches when a beautiful women is in the picture my thing is this if your yourself from the jump the woman will not only respect you more but she will fall for the real you this is where people go wrong they put on this big front at first acting like thats who they are when its really a representative the last thing u want is to be moving in with your girl then she finally sees you for the lazy non ambitious bum you really are had you been honest from jump you might not be in the club every weekend chasing that same n…

Grown Man Mentality!

Yo I'm real sick of these bittys thinking they are the shit cuz they
are cute with a nice body etc I'm here to say FUCK u and your looks
lol looks mean nothing yea you can get attention but what's that get
you oh your the shit cuz 500 dudes wanna smash get one dude that wants
to put up with your arrogance 25/8 then I will be impressed looks come
and go but a educated strong focused woman isn't built over night I'm
sick of these nothin ass scrapes thinking I'm that dude that wants to
smash because your cute oh you could have a cute ass funny girl WTF
are you outside of funny and cute where u wanna be in 5 years is more
my speed
if your goals I'm gonna be cute get the Fuck from round me like cmon
lil mama not to talk shit u got a kid be a fuckin role model fukka
cute when I have children their fresh comes before mine real spit
there is cocky then flat out arrogant your the shit but u a single mom?
no one is perfect and someone needs to bring thes…

if your in a relationship u gotta leave this internet shit alone!!

especially if you met your man/woman on here because people are insecure and they are only gonna think when you arent with them your on there meeting hoes lol dont let your light be on saying online now when you got a girl or a man either for real i mean it is what it is who cares where u met someone love is love love is blind knows no time no color money rich or poor nothing love hits you unexpected so if love hits you or cupid stings you you have to protect it by any means folks hate to see others happy so sometimes u have to fight for your relationship as much as you love for it!especially if your on websites bitches see your status your mans status or that default pic and their blood bubbles like lava so they are in your mans email putting bullshit in his head and honestly he probaly has only eyes for you but that email even from a stranger will make this nigga second guess himself ladies us men are more insecure than you are!but it all comes down to trust u dont have trust your r…

When one door closes another door opens OPPURTUNITY!

faith in God and you yourself your own abilities in a non cocky but humble manner can make all the difference so many dwell on things that happen in life play the cards you are dealt roll with the punches it all happens for a reason im gonna be honest if I held onto my past id be a piece of shit I grew up in the Los Angeles war zone with one thing in mind get out of this situation and make something of my life and although im far off from where id like to be im striving everyday to better myself better the people around me and make a difference in the world show the world that there is more to us black men than being ignorant incarcerated dead or slangin feel me?and although im equal to the next man so id never knock someones hustle I made the choice to live my life legit at the end of the day we always have a choice!

Say what you MEAN not what sounds GOOD!

lets cut all the nonsense people tell us what we want to hear to benefit themselves right?like when you say to me I want a real man I want to be wined and dined I want this that and the next is that reality or wishful thinking lets be honest here no one is gonna take you serious if your speaking to 11 dudes the same way in all honesty they are gonna judge you as a hoe am I correct?so why not focus that energy on getting to know 1 guy as opposed to 11 I know that unless a person on here has spoke to me multiple times before giving me their number is probaly giving it to everyone and their mama on here see im a realist I dont expect to lock down a internet chick but if I did meet an internet chick worthy of being locked down please believe im going for mine and putting it down see when you let people in all the way they have you they have touched your hurt right but when you let everyone in they dont even need a key the screen door is wide open then you find yourself in a love triangle …

They dont make MEN like they used to!

most real women dont care where you work or what you drive they care that you have a job they dont have to support your ass or that you drive they dont have to pick your grown ass up this is why they give licenses at 16 LOL but have so many gold diggers and women who claim to want a real man but are fronting put 97.9 percent of the men in a position where they feel they have to lie?me honestly excuse my language I dont give a fuck I pay my own bills live in my own shit buy my own clothes I dont care who likes it or doesnt as MJ said as long as im looking at the man in the mirror and happy who the FUCK are you to judge me this is my life how I choose to live it is on me who I choose to sleep with is on me what I drive is on me its all ME we only have one shot here on earth so why not take it for what you want!I think lying is the coward way of living but I can see where some of these insecure women have put dudes in a position to lie my thing is if your insecure thats fine u have a rea…

Overcoming adversity 2 quotes of the week!

Each difficult moment has the potential to open my eyes and open my heart.

Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.

this is for those that think they can see ME in mlb the show 10!!

Ps3 Gamer tag KINGBLUEMAGIC 1 word get at it if you dare!!
so I was on the show today on my franchise on the highest level I think its superstar idk dont quote me on that not only did i have a no hitter thru 5 innings but my pitcher went 5-6 batting lol one of my players hit 3 homeruns got robbed of a 4th step up if you want some but bring a lunch I ended up winning 33-0

Open Usage of the "N" word!!

I get this is america land of the free and freedom of speech is an amendment but dam there has to be some level of respect for a Black man thats not a NIGGER the word NIGGER is derived for ignorant lazy and just a bum there are NIGGERS and there are Niggaz now my niggaz are my homies my brothas or as us from LA say my Brodys or Brodees ya feel me but rappers in music basically made the Nigga shit popular and I grew up on Nwa Niggas with attitude and I love some nigga shit but im a N.I.G.G.A. like 2pac said never ignorant getting goals accomplished I just think that you can be white orange purple or whatever color and date a black man but this does not give you the right to say nigga this nigga that its rude its ignorant and the funny thing about it if you were around a group of black girls you didnt know you could be the toughest white chick out your not gonna go up to them and say whats up my niggas?right lol and its funny as a joke but im lightweight serious ive learned in life that…

Ice Cube I am the WEST album cover Blurry but Dope!

Why I don't suffer from Tiger Woods Syndrome aka keep my dick in my pants lol!

My views on sexual relations are probaly majorly different from your
average man when a woman gives herself to you in that way you gotta
show up to play it's the Capricorn in me please first ask questions
last with that said if I'm sexing you believe that's Now mine and when
it's yours you kinda do as u please as you are both learning to please
the othe this once again comes down to communication if I communicate
to you what I like and you have no issue doing it your all about
pleasing your man this prevents a man from cheating down the road if
you have a crazy need a bj man everyday but don't Like giving bjs it
won't work because your the one screaming why do men cheat I honestly
believe that if a man has a real genuine woman in his corner that does
all and satisfies him he won't stray real talk there is always
temptation some slunt always wants what u have because ppl hate to see
others happy it's up to u if you subscribe to the bs or con…

Ice Cube I AM THE WEST coming in July cant wait and check out Rep tha West Behind the scenes!

The reason I called this blog Hip Hop 101 because some people have forgetten the essence of the art and culture.
Bragging and boasting: When I was coming up. Every rapper had a attitude like Kanye. Now when you say you the best and act like you the best. Niggas get their feeling hurt.
Battling: If you scared to test your skills up against any MC in the game. Quit right now. Become a fuckin' ghost writer and go hide in the corner of the studio. Now they're 2 ways to battle. Freestyle live: To me this is like a slam dunk contest. Or battle on wax: I call this the Finals. That's Hip-Hop.

Question: Why don't I produce up and coming rappers like I use to? I got burnt out. Niggas couldn't take the baton and run wit it. I was sick of babysitting grown ass men and walking them through the industry. I felt like Dr. Frankinstein building uncontrollable monsters. How? If you DON'T make'em a star, they blame you.
If you DO make'em a star, they leave you. I got sick of …

Finally the KING gets a Dodger win LOL!

after attending the home opener on monday it wasnt as rowdy about 20,000 less people and I was with my brotha from anotha Motha we drank beer after beer explored the stadium which I can honestly say is the best ive ever been to got a close up of my fave player Matt Kemp and best of all a Dodger win left when it started to rain but it was 10-2 so I left with that devlish grin the ladies love so much lmao!

Nexus 1 theme for iPhone!

As u can see it's my phone by the King carrier logo lol but this is
hot and the screen moves not to mention I have a motorola droid as
well so the icons match that phone lol check this out it's in rock
under top rated themes!

asking for rent money on the Internet a new all time LOW LMFAO!

how about get a job a future a career etc i think asking for rent money on the internet is worse than opening your legs for it at least your doing some work you opened your legs lmao it amazes me that these people bring children into the world and dont grow the fuck up and handle their responsibilities no im not a parent but im grown enough to say that my kid will come before anything I do for myself in life out at the club all weekend drinking chasing the same nut as every female now tuesday your broke looking for a come up and if any dude actually sends a female stranger on the internet something on her rent you need help and are a dam fool I almost wrecked my car laughing at that status its rent time fellas lets get it hahahahahahaha dont get me wrong i have no issue paying or helping my woman out but keywords my woman thats mine her life is part of mine so dam skippy ima help her life stay on track thats what love is but some random bitty who its not even about looks but wasnt eve…

I wanna Know journey inside the Riq O Heart :)

so I was chillen earlier talking to AMarie and her often blunt words made me think and the song Joe I wanna Know made me wanna go in on a blog so here you Go

so like the song says its so amazing how you knock me off my feet everytime you come around me I get weak nobody ever made me feel this way you kiss my lips and you take my breath away and to me these lyrics are what love is you get that warm fuzzy feeling when your around that person and hmmmm its like the best thing in the world so my question is why is it not always like this why is the charm the romance turned down once we are comfy?to me it should be the opposite your love charm romance should be turned up after you are comfy at first your guards up but when its down lets romance im all about making my girl feel special and letting her know shes it for me all that matters I feel so many me put it in these females heads they have to be a certain way so they approach me a REAL MAN with neglect and sometimes even hatred for me t…

The Greatest thing in life in My Opinion!

Is living to play another day you may lose feel battered abused and
defeated but once you lay down rest and your eyes open to see another
day guess what it's a new day and yesterday is history it's the past
it's a ghost and that's what life Is we make mistakes we learn from
them people come in and out our lives we learn from them and when we
have terrible days we learn from them those days you think why did I
get out of bed today learn from them treat others how you want to be
treated keep it real with loved ones and mostly the person you see in
the reflection in the mirror and the rest is history keep your head
held high no one believes In a person with their head held down low
faith In God and yourself means you'll continue to grow!
Written by King Tyriq 4-6-2010Sent from KINGS iPhone

Playing too hard to get can push a good catch away!

And no I'm not saying be easy at all but how bout just being yourself
you can be yourself and still look out for your best interest you ever
wondered why a guy was so sweet at the beginning then turned into an
asshole it's partially because of the chase he wined he dined he got
you!then that remember what she put me thru light switch clicks on and
your perfect guy does a 360 me personally I'd rather keep it staight
up from start to finish that saying the opposite of what you feel in
life gets you nowhere it actually pushes people away and I know some
feel if people are pushed away they can't hurt you but how do you know
who will hurt you or not u don't that's why we live we live to learn
learn from mistakes but we shouldn't treat all like they caused our
past mistakes!Sent from KINGS iPhone

Quote of the week!

The past is a ghost, the future a dream. All we ever have is now.
-- Bill Cosby

In your wildest dreams you couldnt picture Tyriq!

and im not trying to sound cocky here I woke up along time ago and decided I was gonna do me be me by all means and here I am way more lovers than haters althought I invite all the haters to sit down and have a drink on me never in a million years have you met a man that rolls on his own pure idealogy mixed with geology aka g ology lol here is what it is as long as im handling my business as a man my own man my own grown man raised by his mama right no kids I got a job mafukka I work for myself got benefits bitch dental and health what can anyone really say to me I treat those as if they deserve to be cheated some see the charm some see my evil side im a Capricorn in a gemini soul with my alter ego haha and this blog isnt going up to sound full of myself its so you see things in my perspective im on some true BOSS shiii im doing what i want how i want and thats that respect it or keep it breezy im living life right now till its over till its over but its far from Over thank GOD for th…

Dodgers Season Opener Vs Pirates!

had fun although My Dodgers got blown out 11-5 I enjoyed myself all the Pirate fans talked shit but what can you say to a guy with the Dodger emblem tatted on his forarm haha shoutout to the guy in the dodgers gear cheering for the pirates though typical pittsburgh person route for who wins!

I like the GROWN WOMEN!

And real talk this has nothing to do with age it's mentality see in
order to get me you have to respect my grind and I own my own business
so you have to understand that on a day that we have plans I may have
to work Its my ass on the line no one elses yes I have employees but
they aren't responsible for running my business I am and if I have to
cancel our plans last minute it takes a grown woman to get this see
lil girls are all about themselves and pout some cry and get upset for
what working?I could see if I blew you off for the club but that's not
the case and honestly when a grown woman says it's ok baby I
understand it makes me wanna give her the world because I'd rather
spend all my free time with you but it is what it is and when a woman
approaches it like that I smile like Dam I'm gonna do something real
nice for her when she least expects it see I work hard not just for me
but my family I have nephews 3 of them to leave my empire to one d…

Nate Dogg Update Via so sad Pray for him!

One of the most tragic stories to hit the music industry in the last few years is without a doubt that of Nathaniel "Nate Dogg" Hale. The legendary singer blessed his fans with wonderful and timeless music for over a decade, before suffering from two strokes within a one-year period.

Since then, details on his condition have been scarce and Nate Dogg's supporters have been desperately trying to find out how he is doing and whether he will ever be able to make music again. Dubcnn just received an E-Mail from our good friend Damion "Damizza" Young, who recently visited Nate Dogg, letting us know Nate's current status.

Dubcnn would like to thank Damizza for finally providing information on Nate Dogg and for reaching out to dubcnn to let the world know. Here is the message:

"I finally reached Nate Dogg’s mom (thru Warren), Ms. Ruth, and she invited me to visit Nate anytime at the facility he’s in — I went the same day, April 2. I was allowed to spend six hour…

You wanna know what Mentality im on?ill tell you :)

SO I get that dam near my whole species is out for busting a nut and Although I love to bust a nut with the best of them I'm all about the aftermath of the nut look since I've ran my own business last October I go from working 70 hours one week to 40 the next depending on my employees life see it's different when you go from employee to Ceo status they don't show it's on you so I basically only have time for one female in my life so many around make the mistake of thinking dam he has a car his own business house he's a hoe and I'm here to tell you honestly I'm getting old and wiser I'm too tired to be a hoe sometimes I like to celebrate life go out and drink toast to the nightlife for my blessings and hard work but it's not everyday and thAt's whAt I'm on I'm thAt basically married come home to one woman type why chase public pussy when I have private pussy I'd rather watch lifetime movie channel with my girl all night than chase…

Entrepronegro Swag Pic worth a thousand words lmfao!

Never afraid to be myself people don't like me for me fuck em up
against the wall with Handcuffs on and super glue on their lips lmfao!

Think after 5 years Im switching barbers lol

Ok same guys been cutting my hair for years and I think it's made him less enthused on my line up game yes it's on point but not as crispy as the shot above I mean dude razor shaved me after the Clippers and I feel bad but I just feel fresh as shit today lmao so fresh i left a 17 dollar tip on a 13 dollar hair cut I think the new guys hungry and who am I not to feed him?

Sent from my iPhone

Let Your Guard Down Not every man has an Agenda :)

if anyone gets what its like to not trust people its me look ima let yall in on some shit so I was with this girl for years right we got engaged were about a year or so from getting married and I caught her cheating so for months she begged me to take her back im talking flowers everyday!so one day i randomly called her about 3 months after the breakup we went out and it was like we just met again and I fell in love all again NAIVE!so next thing you know we were having sex on the regular yup(did I mention she had a boyfriend)yea he knew of me didnt know of him so anyways one day we just got done getting it in the phone rings he calls she said answer this he asked for her I gave her the phone she said dont call again blah blah so within the next 3 days she tells me shes pregnant and my reaction was the opposite of most I was ecstatic marked it on my calendar was so happy ive dreamed of being the father I never really had my father though 100 a month child support was being a father so …

Happy Easter What Easter Means to Me!!

whats up everyone hope yall all are having a blessed week its early in the am Good friday and im up so I can go to Stations of the Cross like a good catholic :)but remember what this Holiday symbolizes Christ died for us all to have a second chance to be forgiven for our sins so take that with you in your everyday life no matter what youve been through you are forgiven and I believe in this to the utmost im not saying sin sin sin like no other im saying that if you believe you will be forgiven everyday that we have here is a blessing so we need to learn to let go and be ourselves as its in Gods Plan for us to be us if he wanted us all the same the world wouldnt go around so go spend time with the familia eat good but remember your purpose in life and give thanks for chance to prove your purpose to the world its hard out here and so many have passed on to heaven purgatory or wherever they may be for us to learn from keep your head high believe in yourself of no one will.

MLB the show 10 best game out!

so ive been on the show for the past few weeks since it dropped and its the best sports game out from the angle they show the home runs to the steals to diving for the balls ive played the last 4 seasons of the show this is by far the best and worth the 59.99

so if you wanna see me or my Dodgers add my gamer tag ps3

gamer tag-kingbluemagic