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Lifes about Coooordinating!

I don't care where you been I wanna see where your GOING!

So many of us men make the mistake of judging a female holding
standards up to whAt's not reality and it makes no sense to me I heard
a dude say i'll fuck a chick with kids but won't wife her and bruh
that's blasphemy thinking with your dick shit!so what happens if you
get your jump off pregnant you become a deadeat dad that's a tag I'm
not trying to have on my resume homie!men think that getting girls
pregnant will make no one want them and that's not a reason to bring a
baby into the world an innocent child brought up into this world
because you wanted control that's crazy to me and guess what there is
someone out there who wants her for her and accepts the kids you
created out of spite as his own because guess what he's a real man and
yes I've said to females cover up a lil that's cuz I don't share my
shit with the world but i'd never ever in a million years try to
control my woman this pushes women away nor would I s…

Case of the Ex Learn Your Place LOL

So my part timer has been dating the chick at a store near mine like
4-5 months welp guess his ex works in the mall too last week the ex
brought him cookies today she bought him cigarette coupons which is
weird cuz I'm not usually here Tuesday he is all day so of course his
girl comes and rips the shit up lmao ladies how would y'all respond to
this?I'm not a jealous dude but I'd be livid real chop!
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Quote of the Year!!

A real man doesn't make love to a million women. A real man makes love to one women a million ways

this is so true and I agree with this to the utmost all the attention you put into 10 women you could put into one learn her inside out and wow if you take the time to learn a real woman love her for her I can guarantee she will perform like 10 women just saying ~SUAVE~

A Suave Interpretation of R Kelly's Pregnant!!!! part 1

there is nothing in life like when your inside your love on the regular and take this from a man who has no children when there is that mutual attraction and your inside you wanna hanlde your business and put that girl in your kitchen lol all jokes aside you grab her up cuz u missed her all day throw her down kiss her from her head to her feet as she moans you put her in your mouth she trembles and you wanna go inside but you make her tremble again so you keep going then you slide in and you instantly get that feeling that you never wanna leave hmmmm so your bumpin grindin slow in and out as she gets hotter wetter and you go deeper as you give her a kiss and you lean up so you can see what your doing hmmm it looks as good as it feels u pull it out and taste it again cause your hungry you grip her by the hips and pull her on your face it takes legit she grabs you slides back on it as she rides it going all the way down you feel her leak all down you as she trembles again grip her again…

Deep Down im starting to realize im more ROMANTIC than I Thought!!

so ive been watching some crazy movies lately and Ive been turning my head upset when the dude messes up with the girl he actually wants to be with lol!so this made me look at myself like whoa hmmm whats up with that?and beneath all the jokes all the fun all the games and me just being me im a romantic it just takes a special someone and me being comfortable to show that and ill tell you why....ive purchased flowers dozens of roses for some people who havent exactly deserved it haha i think deep down im a sucker for love and sometimes ive been guilty of handcuffing a captain save a hoe lol so to those who say where is that sweet guy at not always does a person feel the need to be sweet there is a time and a place if a dudes like that every minute of everyday its very fake and fabricated and only thing I like fake are big ass boobies lmfao but patience is a virtue show patience with me walk with me now fly with me later and it will pay off in the long run you just cant open that side o…

The Past is a Ghost the Future a dream all we ever have is NOW!

I seriously live by this quote if you didnt know its by the great Bill Cosby and these are words to live by so many live in the past focus on hurt pain negativity when the past is here for us to live in the now so many live in the future im gonna do this when the future is for us to focus on now what we have now and play the hand that we are dealt dreams may come true im gonna drive this live in this have this many kids but at the end of the day when we wake up all we have is the present the here and now and the hear and now is a blessing weve all seen hurt seen pain seen stress seen death but look at it this way were alive to talk about it I refuse to dwell on my past yes ive had a very long term great relationship but shes gone and its not right for me to compare any woman to her if it was meant for her to be in my life she would be I honestly feel that once you get to this point in your life and accept that it is what it is you will live a much happier stress free life and just hav…

Some Capricorn facts..........

Capricorn Man
Capricorn men have a very self-assured manner about them. He can come off as cold and secretive because he is wary to commit to you emotionally, but he can be a faithful lover when given the chance. With the proper encouragement, he can be romantic and passionate.
He takes his choice of life partner very seriously. But, he is ambitious and determined to fulfill his goals as well. Some Capricorn men marry later in life after they have achieved success. It is only then that they can be less concerned about their career and more relaxed and open to relationships. No matter how old he is, he will always remain interested in the physical side of love.

The Perfect Date
Capricorns desire environments that are intellectually stimulating. A concert, play, or serious movie will spark their interest. If you take them to a restaurant, make sure it is a quiet one. They love conversing, but make sure to listen closely. If you do not, they will think you are uninterested and pull away even…

all you need in this life of sin is a good job and your GIRLFRIEND!!

honestly in some angles of the game I think your girl gets held on a higher plateau than family in some instances your girl is your family on a bad day you go thru some shit think about it whos there to listen to you vent whos there if you run out of money and who no matter what has your back?shit family doesnt even do that thats why it baffles me at times when dudes go in on their girl any man that hits a woman is wnba all pussy in my opinion I need that homie lover friend type ill tell my girl shit I wouldnt tell half my homies who can i trust??the only woman I share my penis with thats priceless think about it

in life a female that has your back supports your goals ambitions dreams without negativity does not deserve a ring on it she deserves a crown how can a woman be negative about her man bettering himself when ultimately that betterment is gonna reflect you??do they think he will get to big and forget about them?nope not me although some may i live by the walk with me now fly wi…

Where I Think Us seeking love are going wrong!!??

well you meet someone you like and your feeling what they are saying they are saying and doing all the right things and what do you do put the defense on put the roadblock up and you start to look for something wrong with this person and where do you end up looking in places that mean nothing to your relationship ie the internet or other various places i just used the internet as an example because mostly everyone is on the internet in some way shape or form and I think thats where we go wrong it doesnt matter if you meet walking down the street in traffic the mall the internet or wherever you started to feel feelings for this person for a reason and yes its true people play games so you have to be on the defensive but if a dudes spending his day talking to you texting you etc why does it matter whats on his myspace comments his twitter flirting is an innocent crime meaning its not right but it can also be harmless and ill be the 1st to admit im a flirt I love woman yall are sexy beau…

One of My Favorite Quotes of all time Muhammad Ali!

"I am America. I am the part you won't recognize, but get used to me. Black, confident, cocky - my name not yours. My religion, not yours. My goals, my own. Get used to me"


Sometimes when I work so much I don't take time to refelect on my
blessings in life and when I think my life is hard I think to myself
how much the Lord has blessed me and my family with I mean my fave
uncle was hung in jail when I was little his son years later died the
same way my 30 year old cousin dropped dead one day no sickness cause
of death nada and I'm here to tell it when I think of it all it's sad
but God has a place for us all and each day we are given is our chance
to give thanks for that chance in this life we lead as adults we have
to teach our children our peers and everyone to give thanks so when
you wake up and ready to grind it out get on one knee give thanks and
back at it money isn't everything but we need it to survive and that's
what life is survival while trying to hold on to surviving friendsSent from my iPhone

Without trust you have nothing!

So you've been thru some things cheating lies infidelity whatever the
case may be but when you bring this insecurities into a new situation
it puts a burden a strain on that relation that person always has it
In their head that they don't want to do this do That to upset that
person so they are holding back from being themselves and here is
where arguments start because that instance can then make the other
person even more insecure so my approach on relationships is be honest
from the jump explain situations and what you've been thru your girl
should be if not your best friend one of your best friends you can
tell your girl things in confidence out of respect and love most men
make the mistake of assuming hiding things from their girl makes life
easier no telling all to your girl makes things easier a relationship
shouldn't feel like a full time job you have to work you don't have to
be in love it's a choice an option and it's up to you what o…

Best text message theme ever! Lakers!

My Iphone theme of the week!

A black mans interpretation of the movie Twighlight!

How the he'll you gonna tell a white girl your a vampire and she's
like ewww daddy take me home to meet your moms and your pops seeds
siblings n shit lol then to top it off this man creeps thru windows to
watch her sleep n shit I'm like dam they would throw a black man under
the jail be the first black vampire on death row n shit I could see
the judge like ok niggra vampire u like to suck on white girls lmfao
death by lethal injection electric chair and all that stuff haha these
movies are crazy sometimes wish they would make nigga versions of
these time to time I'd love to write one haha!then homie told her to
leave so he doesn't hurt her anymore you know a brotha is only sending
a white chick away if she's pregnant haha WTF hollyweird never ceases
to amaze me 2 thumbs dizzown!Sent from my iPhone

Love is what you make it!

So many been making the assumption they want this they want that love
needs to be this hey if love was supposed to be the same for all of us
if it's programmed were all suppose to have white picket fences and
this that and the other why would the world go round?love is what you
make it what you build it up to be love is about making a new life
with a person learning them inside and out and building a present a
future love isn't based on ones past love isn't based on how many
sexual partners ones had or if they have been in porn or whatever they
have done in their life yet when we meet someone we say who have u
fucked?who cares all I know is when i put it down u will only be
fucking me who am i as a single man with no children to judge a woman
with kids if I love that woman I'm gonna love her kids as my own we
live in a crazy world where we judge and only God has the right to
judge life is short so instead of arguing saying
Your girls a hoe you don't tru…

Why do women claim they know what they want and really don't?

I was reading one of the homie Tyrese tweets and it inspired this blog
cuz what he said was the truth so many women claim they want a real
man but as soon as they find all they have been looking for in a man
they run away they hide they look for a reason to not be bothered with
him dumb reasons too oh u drive to slow your hair line is crooked you
don't drink the same 40s as me and I'm here to tell you ladies u got
it all mixed up that's not what love is love is loving for perfections
as well as imperfections if I can't love my woman at her worst then
why the hell am I with her wAsting my time lifes too short u gotta
love the inside as much as the outside to have to Hold till death do
us part type shit how can u say your ready if your minds stuck on past
messed up relationships learn from your mistakes and move towards a
better future!Sent from my iPhone

When is enough enough?

If your wondering what this phone pic is above it's a pic of my iPhone homepage lol as u can see there are 26 messages on the basketball Icon haha nope it's not my text messages it's missed calls with a mix of voicemail to those missed calls this would mean nothing if they weren't from
The same person haha so I ask the grown and sexy sophisticated women when is enough enough?the missed calls were because I was busy at work for those that don't know I started my own business last October and I'm in the cell phone industry in a mall so I could or could not always be with a customer point taken right?this person knows where I work what I do yet called 26 times and the photo was taken mad early there ended up being a total of 59 missed calls in a 20 minute period shit like this makes me wanna stay single for life!lmao

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