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real talk!

fuck everybody that used to be down that aint down no more your either with me against me or hatin on me no in between lol and ladies please understand although you think your Gods gift to a black man your not there are women who are way cooler work way harder and have less lip if your biggest issue with a man is he works too much so he cant be on the phone with you all day what you really got to bitch about?there are dudes that are with yall in relationships out at clubs bustin bitches bringing you home diseases and other babies he made im sick and tired of you broads treating me like im that dude your ex hes an ex for a reason im more less a square anymore maybe its age maybe maturity but i work and come home whats the problem?i dont ask you for anything i think what it comes down to is every female says they want a real man when in actuality they want a bullshit man so therefore they got something to bitch about when females are with me they gotta look search and do some digging to…

New Jailbroken Iphone tweak!

I found this in Rock(I don't use Cydia)it's a tweak where you can
change your carrier name and banner check out my screenshot below
mixed with my 2pac and Lakers theme I think it's pretty cool if you
need help jailbreaking your iPhone email me

Big brown bat lmfao

So I'm always getting guest at my store to visit me it's my handsome
and funny personality that draws attention lol there is this old white
guy who owns the watch repair stand in my mall says to me and my part
timer dam you got a harem of
Beautiful ladies around you all the time must be that big brown bat
lmfao that's the funniest shit of the year homie!Sent from my iPhone

New Ice Cube Album Coming!

Ice Cube Announces New Album

by MrWhiteFolks on February 25th, 2010 Coast Hip Hop legend Ice Cube is officially back with the announcement of his 9th studio album.

Via a blog on his website, the veteran MC, revealed the title as "I Am The West" as well stated he hopes for a July release of the album.

You can read the full statement from Ice Cube below.

"I AM THE the name of my new record. After completing about 65% of my music, this is the perfect title. This shit is cocky, no apologies, West Coast gangsta shit. I can't help it. That's what I do. June seems too tight for a release, but July is very doable. We'll see how things go. Now that I have my title, I can work on the concept of my photoshoot and artwork. I want to provide early merch before the drop date.

For 7 or 8 years now the West Coast has been trying to do music that appeals to the South and Mid-West. The word…

Tie your girl up Thursday Fuck Faces!

So it's Thursday you get done workin early your girls been talkin shit
all week long complaining about this and that instead of bustin her
lip bust her clit homie don't knock ring no bells kick the door down
bust out the ropes and handcuffs and tie her ass to the bed first
tease the hell outta her ass up face down with your tongue then start
with the pipe tease a lil bit with the head in and out and then go for
the juggular slam that shit in I'm talkin like you just came home from
a 20 year bid then all that u have to get off ya chest from the week
of her talkin shit get it out homie smack her ass hard and say bet u
won't talk shit about me working hard no more shut up I'm buying that
bentley right riiiight riiiiight haha it's all in the delivery as you
look at her sexy sweated up body as she puffs that Newport cuz it was
good say yaaaa baby welcome to tied up thursday go make me a samich
and put cheese on the muthafucka lmfaoSent from my iPhone

Not all Black Men are the same!

So many that date the brothas all make the assumption that were all
deadbeat wanna be rappers d boys trap stars pimps hits their girl
kinda individuals and this is the assumption of all fuck ups not
tooting my own horn but after 5 mins with me you will learn no brotha
is like me real chop see I'm one of few that learned from his single
mother alot shit I still learn from her everyday right from wrong see
I think that's why we have parents to begin with so they can say hey
I've lived this don't go down that path their are educated ambitious
real smart funny and most of all not into games black men out here you
have just met the garbage from the pack any man that can't fend for
himself isn't a man i'd work at every fast food chain out before I
asked anyone for anyone I'm taking what's mine any man that hits his
woman isn't a man cmon bruh you'd kill a nigga that puts his hands on
ya mama but beat the shit outta ya baby mama!any ni…

Why does the sexual energy drift away?

Anyone who's ever been in a committed relationship knows what it is
you meet and you got this energy this pep in your step mag in your
swagg lol you just wanna grip him or her up in the back seat of the
jeep and swing an episode she's gripping your dick and suckin it like
it has oil in it like
That shits a lifetime free gas card haha then you guys move in sex
becomes a job not fun not the great pleasure it is why is that?I'll
tell you because it's routine she's on top a few mins you are maybe u
lick the kitty once a year on birthdays holidays her bday etc and
Tyriq the King Ding a Ling says FUCK THAT you gotta take control of
the pussy it's yours why not have tie me up Tuesday alternate weeks
tongue me down thursday 69 saturday and if she's on her shit 68
saturday do me and I'll owe u one baby haha trust me your woman thinks
about sex more than
You do and if she's giving her body to you all the way live who the
fuck are you to not perform…

I know so many other dudes cheat but so many dudes aint me:)

give me my pick of girls right now and girl ill pick you everytime those lyrics are so true and so on fuckin point so many of you women dont understand a real mans mentality cuz these dudes run the streets on yall fuck around cheat have babies with other bitches and that sticks in your head for life but here is my thing answer this would you give me the same attention with a title or not?in most instances yes u would if anything you would give me more attention cuz your trying to land me as your man am I right?its crazy here is the mentality of a cheater I want you all to myself but i want my cake and eat it too so what do they do they break you down make u feel like shit like no other man wants you and regardless of how strong you are as a woman this scorns you scars you and you put up this wall but ladies you have to try and put the past aside when it comes to new relationships because although that man has a penis hes probaly different if all dudes were the same would the world go …

Check out this 2pac theme for jailbroken iPhone!

Now I tweeked it out a lil bit I made my icons clear so you could see
my wallpaper changed my font to white with the font colors app that's
available in ROCK also I'm using the iPhone carrier logo in rock but
check this theme out if your straight West Coastin like me!

Some things to know of you wanna know about me :)

I work hard def play harder just over here trying to get this legit
cheese and lifes a breeze I pay my bills on time with no handouts I
keep my $ coming in never going out I'm more less about respect than
clout I've seen some shiii in my day had some shorties swing my way
but I only need 1 to stay Ima real dude with limited time that doesn't
seek a dime just a real woman who can hold her own and sit next to me
on my throne for My goal is to be King of the world and my foundation
is the substance of my elevation every man needs that real queen in
his corner he too will make sure nobody runs up on her I got your back
you have mine were tighter than white boy jeans sex so good it
ruptures spleens and no man woman or child will come in between some
days I might not wanna talk just text but I promise you your the only
one I sex i learned at a young age that a real man only needs one
woman in his life to have to hold as his wife i learned from father
what no to
Do s…

The older they get the more games they play WOMEN!

Haha sorry ladies it just seems to ke that y'all like to play those
games in fact more games than the NBA I would honestly respect you
more if you were upfront like tell me me playing with your dick balls
and scrotum is just a distraction to get to your wallet lol not saying
I'd pay for sex but I might them feel obliged to give you 5 bucks or
some shit lmao throw a ripped dollar at ya haha all jokes aside I'm
here to enjoy my short time on earth so do us both a favor and keep it
2 million because us doing us being happy should never stop it should
continue on or we gotta ask what were doing!Sent from my iPhone

Rise n Grind Journey thru My mind!

Life is crazy life is short so why not grind in your beliefs your
dreams your aspirations why not?you only have one shot so why not take
it Kobe Bryant style game on thee like with 1/10 of a second left on
the clock?in the words of MJ don't stop till you get enough!everyday
that we wake up breathing it's a blessing we can't take each day we
are given for granted we have to be thankful thank God for eAch day
the great people in our lives our careers the things we are blessed
with material wise that mean nothing at the end of the day these are
all blessings yea you worked your ass off for it but you were given
that power from the Almighty so as I woke up this morning this was on
my mind Carpe Diem Sieze the Day don't spend that day arguing with
someone who probaly isn't on your level if we as adults channeld half
our negative energy into something positive I think alot more would be
happy as opposed to miserable food for thought have a great day thank

My Mixtape of the Week!

a must download I like every song on here my faves are think I invented head too freaky and convertible!

Men Lie Women Lie more lmfao!

That whole I don't usually do this thing that girls say is a dam lie
why not say yes I love sex I love to give road head I want u to play
with my chocha etc lol everytime I hear a chick say those words Im
like YEA RIGHT haha my whole thing is I'm with you I'm with you with
you wouldn't care if you were a straight prostitute whore that's the
past I'm the present and the future so just be honest yes we live in a
judging society but i'll never judge especially if your trying to be
my girl just be honest!Sent from my iPhone

I walked in on my Own Terms so Im dam sure leaving on my Own terms :)

this is like my new mentality on life think about it we make every decision we do in life from picking who were with who we talk to where we live how we live etc so why not live by these terms make this the mentality think about it its a recession u searched and searched for a job u found it interviewed accepted it now your walking in on your own terms so why and I repeat why give them the satisfaction of letting you go walk out on your own terms if u go in a job knowing you may not be there forever why not use the experience as a stepping stool and pedastool yourself to the top of your game same goes with relationships he/she isnt giving u act right and your on your game to maximum overload killuminati to your body then walk out on your own terms lifes too short to let people belittle you downgrade you talk down upon you rise above the bs show them whos best and walk out on your own terms thats some entrepronegroism for that ass lol!

Funniest shit of the Year homie lol

So I'm working at my store this dude comes up asking where cases are
for his phone and I show them he said they were all girly I joked and
said that's how I felt when u came up in that red sox coat he then
proceeded to say something about my Jordan thermal about how Jordan
hasn't been jumpman in years I said Jordan stuff is expensive he said
not that shirt I laughed so my inner asshole came out and since u
Wanna rip on me these shoes cost 500 times more than the 88 air force
180s u got on as I lifted my pants leg. Some dude turned around I didn't
Know And said those shoes are worth more than his whole outfit lmfao
too funny moral don't throw stones if u live in a glass house lmaoSent from my iPhone

Xxtra Special Thanks!

To all those that told me i'd never amount to anything in life those
words motivate me daily and I'm naturally a motivated person just once
I wish people lifted up instead of bringing down on some real I get
that hate is hate and people
Have hate envy greed jealosy in their DNA but wow negativity man I try
to surround myself with positive people who are all for change and
making things better guess it comes down to
Misery loves company thanks to those who believed in me and gave me a
chance most of all thank God for life to
Prove them wrong!Sent from my iPhone

why are we here?

hello hello lol anyways I strongly believe we are all here for a reason and my reason is to make you laugh in your time of need make money so my kids I have one day will never need and respect my hustle and motivate people that need motivated there are people in the world that are just miserable they hate life and I dont get that yes I have my days where I wanna stay in bed and be lazy but how can you be miserable all day in the words of scarface the world is one big pussy waiting to get fucked lmao lets have fun yes I can have a very edumacated convo lol but for the most part im gonna be me I cant turn my persona down im gonna be me im grown too late to change now Ive been doin this since screamin mama im home

My 1st blog intimacy

I think sometimes growing up without a real father type figure in my
life made me tough on the outside soft on the inside lol once I'm
comfy it's a wrap Im like a changed man I used to hate being told hold
me cuddle blah blah now
If I'm with the right person it's like come
Here girl I missed you today lmao it just shows even the toughest
person to figure out needs love and I think when you have a real woman
in your life your ego no longer matters it's all about pleasing and to
Me that's worth letting my cockyness go :)Sent from my iPhone